Apostille Arkansas

You can apostille a document in Arkansas in three different ways. In this article, we will discuss the three options and also help you choose the best.

How to Apostille a Document Through the Arkansas Secretary of State

The state of Arkansas has strict policies that all documents must adhere to before being certified. In this state, you must:

  • Only submit documents that have been appropriately notarised by an Arkansas Notary Public or must have the seal and signature of an Arkansas elected official.
  • Ensure notarized documents contain a statement of acknowledgment for every signature on each document.
  • Ensure all documents in a foreign language have been translated to English and have a proper affidavit to confirm the translation.
  • All documents should be originals, certified copies or true perfect copies, all of which must be authenticated by the notary.
  • Submit all documents to the Arkansas Secretary of State office in Little Rock.

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However, for federal documents, such as IRS documents or certificates of naturalization, you cannot authenticate them in Arkansas. This is because such documents are usually issued by the federal government and not the state of Arkansas; therefore, they must be certified at the US Secretary of State office in Washington DC.

Also, the Arkansas Secretary of State cannot apostille documents that have not been issued by the state of Arkansas. So if you live in Little Rock, AR, and you need apostille services for documents issued in Tacoma, Washington, you’ll have to mail them to the office of the Secretary of State in Washington state or deliver them in person.

How Travel Visa Pro Makes Apostille Authentication in AR Easier

The scenarios above prove just how difficult and time-confusing it can be to seek AR apostille certification the traditional way. Don’t forget that the Secretary of State will not authenticate your documents if they do not comply with Arkansas policies.

With TravelVisaPro, you do not need to spend hours studying all these policies, calling different government offices, scheduling appointments for passport photos, notarization, photocopies, and all that is required to have your document certified.

That’s our job. That’s what we do!

We take charge of the apostille application process from the moment you get in touch with us to the very end when you have all your documents ready for your international trip. Our travel experts are well-versed with different travel regulations at the state, federal and international level.

We go through your documents to ensure everything is in order before submitting them to the Arkansas Secretary of State or the US Secretary of State. Our thoroughness and familiarity with apostille requirements help reduce the processing times for these documents by a significant margin.

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