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Oklahoma closes the list of the top 20 largest states in the county, covering a little over 69,000 square miles. With a population slightly shy of 4 million people, the state has sufficient infrastructure to match the needs of travelers, both local and international. Therefore, if you’re a resident of Oklahoma and you intend to travel outside of the country, here’s all you need to know.

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You’ll need different types of documents, depending on your international destination and the reason for your travel. However, a document’s validity may be questionable if there’s nothing to prove its legitimacy.

Why Do You Need an Apostille In Oklahoma?

This is the reason more than 100 countries operating under the Hague Convention since 1961 created a treaty agreeing to allow documents issued in one country to be accepted in a member country. Otherwise, countries that are not part of the convention would mostly be content with an authentication certificate.

You may have been requested to provide an OK apostille certification before traveling abroad, something that many travelers encounter for the first time while planning a trip overseas for reasons such as business, education, child adoption, and so on. However, the Oklahoma apostille application process may be confusing if you do not know where to start or which office to contact when you need this crucial stamp on your document.

How To Obtain Apostille Certification in OK

You can either deliver your apostille application in person to the Oklahoma Secretary of State office in Oklahoma City or send it via mail. Remember, you can only apply for an apostille for documents issued to you by the State of Oklahoma, such as a birth certificate or school transcripts. For this reason, if the state of Oklahoma did not issue the document, you will need to mail your application to the state where it was issued or deliver it in person.

For example, you can’t obtain an apostille stamp in Oklahoma for a document that was issued in Texas. Also, federal documents must obtain apostille certification at the office of the United States Secretary of State in Washington DC and not at the state level. Such documents include tax documents, certificates of naturalization, federal court documents, and so on.

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Another important thing you need to know is that Oklahoma state does not notarize marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and other state-issued documents that are more than one year old. This means you must obtain a recent document from a Court Clerk’s office from the county where the document was issued. Unfortunately, the process of gathering such documents from different counties and offices within the state or even beyond is never that easy.

Luckily, that’s where Travel Visa Pro comes in.

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