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As one of the biggest international hubs in the country, Chicago sees US citizens heading to all corners of the world. Visa applications, passport renewals, and airline reservations are just some of the things travelers have to deal with before flying out, but when it comes to getting all the paperwork together, the process can be rather confusing.


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Apostille certification is one of those. When an official document issued in the US needs to be recognized in another country, you have to have it certified using an Apostille. This applies to countries under the Hague Convention. For others, an Authentication Certification is sufficient.

Mainly applying for tourist visas and visas on arrival, many travelers may have never had to deal with such certification, but it can be necessary for those planning on working abroad or traveling for business. Some countries require federal criminal background checks to be submitted along with your work visa application. Although you may have correctly gone through the process to obtain this document issued by the FBI – waiting weeks, no less – it may not be accepted abroad without Apostille certification.

If you’re looking for Apostille Certification in Illinois, there are a few ways to go about it. Usually the Secretary of State offers the service next to the capitol building. Because Springfield isn’t exactly accessible to the majority of travelers, a satellite office in Chicago offers walk-in service as well. State offices can certify documents issued locally like marriage licenses and university diplomas. Whether you get Apostille certification in Illinois or ship the necessary documents directly to Washington DC, they will be accepted in countries under the Hague Convention.

This may be all well and good for state-issued documents, but what about those were certified on the federal level, e.g. naturalization certificates? Such documents can’t be authenticated in Chicago or Springfield, only at the US Department of State.

Next, when it comes time to choose how you will get all the documents together for whatever reason – let’s assume a work visa application – you may have to play the waiting game. While those seeking either a state-issued Apostille or a federal one can choose to mail in their documents, this is subject to a bureaucratic backlog that can cost the applicant days or even weeks better spent traveling. Applying in person is allowed, but this isn’t always possible during regular business hours with a long wait.

Travel Visa Pro can cut out all the middlemen and provide service for every step of your travel plans. Registering your trip with the US Department of State, arranging travel insurance, getting an Apostille for a visa application, and renewing your passport are all possible at one TVP location. Making a stop at the pharmacy for a passport photo, driving across Illinois for Apostille certification, and then traveling to a consulate to get a work visa shouldn’t be how you spend your time before a trip. Travel Visa Pro’s team of travel experts have over forty years of experience getting our clients the travel documents they need in the time they need. Whether you’re in a hurry or have time to spare, Travel Visa Pro is there to help.


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Apostille services, like any other form of bureaucracy, require specific paperwork in order to successfully authenticate any document. Just as with visa application, Apostilles may be rejected for missing information, resulting in trip delays. Because these documents are commonly used for business purposes, this can cost time and money applicants simply may not have.

Travel Visa Pro’s travel experts can significantly cut down on the time at every step of this application process by offering all the travel services you need in one location. Come to us with your visa and passport needs, and we’ll handle the Apostille certification for you, whether you need certification for marriage certificates, business agreements, criminal background checks, diplomas, or any documents issued by the government.


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