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The process of obtaining a Missouri apostille certification shouldn’t be that difficult if you choose to file these documents with Travel Visa Pro. However, to understand how Travel Visa Pro simplifies the entire process, let’s first look at the normal procedures.

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Apostille Services in Missouri

If you want an apostille in Missouri, you’ll need to fill out an application and then mail it to the Missouri Secretary of State Office in Jefferson City. Alternatively, you can deliver the application in person after securing an appointment with the Missouri SOS office.

Both methods explained above can be stressful and time-consuming, depending on the nature of your application. Here’s an example.

Given that the Missouri Secretary of State cannot provide a MO apostille stamp for an out-of-state document, you will need to travel to the state where the document was issued to get an apostille. Therefore, if the document was issued far west in Oregon, you may have to travel thousands of miles westwards, plan for accommodation, meals, parking, and other related travel logistics. This option is expensive, and most likely, you will need to reschedule some of your plans to accommodate the trip to Oregon.

Assuming that the federal government has issued the document, e.g., FBI background checks, it cannot be certified by Missouri. Such documents can only be certified by the US Secretary of State in Washington DC.

DC may be closer to Missouri than Oregon is, but it is still not worth the money traveling across states to obtain an apostille certification. For this reason, Travel Visa Pro offers the easiest, most convenient, and affordable way to obtain an apostille in Missouri.

We are located in different cities across the United States, Missouri being one of them. We also have virtual offices dedicated explicitly to residents of cities where we do not have physical offices just yet.

This means that if you live in Missouri and you need to file for an apostille certification via Travel Visa Pro, we will assign a travel expert to work on your application individually. Besides, we will also keep you updated on the progress of your application with personalized messages.

When filling out your application for apostille in Missouri, knowing your birthday, state of birth, and Social Security Number is not enough. You may be required to provide additional information before or even during the process.

Without expert guidance, you may find yourself in a back-and-forth loop with the government. This can be frustrating, especially when you have other equally important things to attend to, such as your overseas travel plans.

Apostille Certification in MO

Travel Visa Pro makes everything easier by reviewing your paperwork after you’ve filled everything out. We will notify you if we discover that there’s some missing information. The same case applies if you need to provide additional documentation.

Having a second party review your paperwork eliminates the room for errors. You can rest assured that your paperwork will be processed in time, and you will not miss, cancel or even postpone your trip.

Depending on the nature of your apostille application, you may need additional services, such as notary, translation, etc. Based on our experience in this industry, we know how best you can find these services and at affordable rates.

Working with Travel Visa Pro reduces the time needed to process your paperwork. In addition, we eliminate the back and forth movement from one government office to another by processing everything from our central offices.

When everything is ready, we will then work with the appropriate local, state, or federal offices. If necessary, we will also work with embassies and consulates to ensure you have the paperwork you need for a successful trip overseas.

We know how stressful planning an overseas trip can be, and it is our job to make the entire process less stressful and more fulfilling. You can talk to us anytime you need apostille authentication in Missouri. Our phone line is open 24/7, and if that doesn’t work for you, you can also reach us via email, chat, or even text messages. So give us a call today for the fastest and most reliable travel document processing services in Missouri!