Apostille Connecticut

The Connecticut Secretary of State website describes two main ways to obtain CT apostille certification: the slow and faster methods. However, we are here to tell you about the third alternative, which is the fastest.

But first things first, it is only fair that we examine the two methods mentioned on the official website of the Office of the Connecticut Secretary of State. So here’s a quick overview.

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The Slow Option

This method involves mailing the original documents to the Office of the Secretary of State in Hartford. First of all, you can only use US Postal Service Mail when you choose this option. Secondly, it can be extremely slow because many government employees are now working from home following the Covid19 crisis.

Another issue with this option is that if you do not mail it to the correct address, you could wait for days or weeks only to discover that your mail was not delivered.

The Faster Option

Now, the faster option sounds good on paper, but it has its challenges. This option is all about hand-delivering your authentication documents to the Secretary of State Office. But at the moment, there are too many restrictions, especially due to Covid19. For instance, according to a recent notice posted on the SOS website, there is no expedited service and pick-up available for documents needing apostille or authentication.

This second option could only work for you if you live close to Hartford and if the state of Connecticut issued the document you wish to have authenticated. If that’s not the case, you may have to travel back to the state that issued the document to proceed with your application.

Such a trip could mean halting your plans, messing up with your routine, among other factors. Besides, it is not cheap.

For example, suppose the document was issued further west in Washington state. In that case, you’ll need to travel all the way to have the document authenticated if you choose the second option. Alternatively, you may send the document over via mail, but this process is still far from fast.

The entire process can become easily frustrating if you have any missing information, errors, or anything that would prevent the Secretary of State from certifying your document. This could only mean one thing: starting all over again, and that’s the last thing you want to hear of when you are planning an international trip.

Back home in Connecticut, you need to bear in mind that the Secretary of State cannot apostille documents a document if:

  • It has been signed by an out-of-state notary
  • it has been issued by the federal government (e.g., FBI background checks)
  • It involves out-of-state vital records or school transcripts
    Assuming that you want to have a federal document authenticated and you live in Connecticut. You will either have to send the document to the US Secretary of State office in Washington DC or deliver it in person.

Fastest Apostille Certification Option in Connecticut

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