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Florida is the Sunshine State. Many people relate it to a peaceful retirement where you can live out the rest and best of your days in state-of-the-art retirement villages. And don’t even get us started on the fantastic beaches and weather. Even so, this great state has another name that becomes prevalent now and then – the hurricane central. For all its good weather and breathtaking beaches, this state is also at high risk of being hit by hurricanes. Unfortunately, when these come about, you have no option but to evacuate per government regulations. And often, the instructions come hard and fast, and you barely have enough time to get ready for what comes next. The last thing you want is to find out that your passport is lost or invalid in the middle of all this disarray. After all, where would you even start? Which government office would be open to processing your request, yet everyone would be busy scampering for safety? How could you wait the 4-6 weeks standard waiting period for your passport? It would be impossible to leave the country, which would dampen your evacuation plans.

But wait – amid all this gloom and doom, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. Travel Visa Pro! Remember when getting a passport in Florida was a lengthy process that could curtail your travel plans? Well, that has since changed. We now have an option that allows you to get a passport as fast as a few days. That means that you can start planning your exit at the first sign or mention of a hurricane. More importantly, you don’t need to remain in the state unless you want to. So, forget about bracing yourself for the worst, and instead, embrace the new way of passport application in Florida.

How does it work?

What we need from you is exactly what Uncle Sam would require. You must have documentation to prove your identity and that you are an American citizen. You can provide us with these documents by dropping by our offices. Or you can choose the more convenient option and process your new passport online. You will find that the latter is much more effective when you are busy packing a go-bag and fixating on the weather forecasts. Whichever option you choose, our team is always ready to start working on the passport as soon as we get your application. And as promised, your expedited passport will be ready within 8 working hours. If it’s not urgent, you can choose the standard option, which is just as effective.

Passport Services in Florida

If needed, you can leave the country where you will be safe from the harsh Florida hurricanes. Our staff members understand that life happens, and documents get lost or damaged. They are there to ensure that your world goes on even in the harshest situations. Feel free to contact us anytime at one of our nine offices in the United States, where we will make the impossible possible. So, how about giving us a call today?


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