Florida is known as hurricane central. You do not want to be stranded when there is a hurricane warning, the area needs to be evacuated, but you are unable to leave the country because you have lost your passport. Your first reaction is that there is no time to apply for a new travel document because the hurricane is due to arrive in a few days and a new passport takes 4-6 weeks.

Gone are the days where you have to wait for what feels like a lifetime. Travel Visa Pro has an option that allows you to receive your new Florida passport in only 8 hours. Gone are the days where you have to hide underground because you are unable to flee the country. Gone are the days that you have to brace yourself for the worst.


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You can leave the country if needed where you will be safe from the harsh Florida hurricanes. Our staff members understand that life happens, and documents get lost or damaged. They are there to ensure that your world goes on even in the harshest situations. Feel free to contact us anytime at one of our nine offices in the United States where we will make the impossible, possible.


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