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For your passport renewal in Milwaukee, get in touch with the passport experts at Travel Visa Pro. As a certified passport agency, we can assist you with renewing your passport no matter how quickly you need it. If you meet the requirements, then you’re on your way to getting a new passport. If you received your current US passport in the last 15 years and you were older than 16, you will qualify for the standard passport renewal.

Traveling abroad for a critical matter? Travel Visa Pro offers an Emergency Service for $599 to get your new passport in 8 hours or order the Next Day Service for a new passport issued within one business day for $429. Other options include the Urgent Passport Service for $299 for a 5-business day turnaround, or the Rush Passport at $199 to get your passport in 10 days.

We also provide Executive Choice Services at $599 for personalized attention to expedite your passport renewal in Milwaukee. Our service fees are separate to the government fees, where the US State Department requires $170 for a passport book or $200 to renew your passport book and card.


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Milwaukee Passport Renewal Service


Is it time to renew your passport? If your current US passport expired or will expire within six months of your intended dates of travel, or you have less than two blank passport pages, then get your application started with Travel Visa Pro. We have offices across the US that offer different services. Washington DC, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are the main centers where we offer comprehensive passport, client, and walk-in services. All the other TVP agencies spread across the country offer convenient drop-off and pick-up passport services.

The drop-off locations are available for you to deliver your application and collect your passport and documents when the new passport is ready. So, for your passport renewal in Milwaukee, you can use our drop-off and pick-up location at 11414 W Park Place, Suite 202, Milwaukee.

Before getting in touch to deliver your application, ensure you have prepared your paperwork for completeness and accuracy. Double check the passport renewal requirements. The US State Department requires a completed and signed form DS-82, which you must submit online and thereafter provide a copy in your documentation. You must also include your current US passport which is returned with your renewed passport. If your passport is severely damaged, lost, or stolen, you will need to follow the process for a new passport using form DS-11.

Additionally, you need two identical and recent color passport photographs and proof of travel that shows your intended departure from the country. This can be an international itinerary or an official work letter. If you cannot submit these documents, you can download and sign a statement from the Travel Visa Pro website and include it with your application drop-off. We’ll also need signed copies of Letters of Authorization allowing us to process your passport renewal application on your behalf. With all the documentation prepared, visit Travel Visa Pro online to order your passport renewal in Milwaukee.

After receiving your passport renewal request, we will need to arrange a convenient drop-off time for your application and documents.


Reliable Passport Renewal in Milwaukee


The process of preparing for an international trip includes a lot more than just getting a good deal on flights or hotels. If your paperwork has incomplete or inaccurate information, it could cause unforeseen delays and extra costs. And the last thing you want to do is cancel your trip. We can work together to make sure you have everything you need to get a new passport on time. Our Double Document Check service is available to all clients at $29 who need reassurance that their paperwork is order and complete.

The experts at Travel Visa Pro have years of experience and training to spot potential obstacles and wrong information that could lead to delays. Regardless of your reasons for traveling or how urgent it is, our team can step in and take care of the admin work for you. Whether you need an Executive Service or Standard Service, we’ll be able to address your requirements in time. Our aim is to remove the hassle and stress that usually accompanies travel documentation and applications.

Choosing a passport renewal in Milwaukee with Travel Visa Pro means you’ll be able to look forward to your trip abroad without panicking about documents and legalities. We are the passport professionals with the fastest turnaround times making sure you can travel when you need to.


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