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When your baby is born, it is the most amazing feeling in the world. That is until a government official tells you that you cannot take your baby out of the country without a valid passport. It is three weeks before your family holiday, and you just found out that you need documentation for your baby. So, you start going over your itinerary, thinking of what you can move around to get your baby’s passport in time. Or renew your passport. Or replace the passport your spouse lost last month. And as you go over your schedule, the panic starts setting in – what can you do with such little time on your hands?

A few challenges go through your mind, but the greatest one is that you need to take your precious little one into a germ-infested office just to be able to visit his grandparents abroad. What’s more, you must stand in line and hope that you get to see the concerned official on the set date. You know that getting a passport comes down to luck, and you can’t help but fear that you won’t make it in time. To make matters worse, you look up how long it takes to process a passport in Texas and realize that it takes about 4 weeks. The math does not add up, and you start to despair.

Is there another way to go about this? Feast your eyes on a convenient, fast, and effective way to get a passport in Texas, even when time is not on your side. Behold Travel Visa Pro, which allows you to apply for your little one’s Texas passport online in the comfort of your sanitized home. But how can this be? It comes down to a well-thought-out and easy ordering system, which you can access online. We take you through which documents you need to get a baby’s passport processed and where you can send this information. If you’d like, you can also visit us at any of our 9 offices countrywide and interact with our team. Either way, you will find that the seamless experience tailors to your every need, allowing you to focus on other travel needs.

Travel Visa Pro also has a few different packages to choose from, enabling you to receive your new Texas passport within 3 working days or as little as 8 working hours. Applying for your passport is no longer a stressful procedure where you feel like you must give a DNA sample before you are allowed to leave the country.

Passport Services in Texas

Travel Visa Pro has a few offices around the globe with highly professional, well-trained travel agents that will be able to assist you with your documentation situations and answer any questions you might have. So, drop by and tell us what you need or give us a call and we will walk you through each step of the passport application. And if you need one for yourself or need to get a passport apostilled, we do that too!


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