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Is your family vacation coming up in a few weeks that you have been planning for months and you just realized that you forgot to renew your child’s passport? Have you already taken too much time off work preparing for your vacation and will not be able to take anymore time off to apply for your child’s passport? Are you just dreading the thought of canceling your holiday because the passport might not be ready in time for your trip?

Usually, it is a very lengthy and painful process of making sure everyone is present, proving that your child is a citizen and providing high-quality photographs. The Utah County Clerk’s Office is usually overcrowded and unpleasant. This task seems like a nightmare, right?

Travel Visa Pro will turn your nightmare into a dream with friendly staff that will assist you swiftly. Depending on your urgency, Travel Visa Pro offers a “Get Urgent Passport” package that provides you with your brand-new Utah Passport within 3-5 business days.


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If you have an emergency that requires you to have your passport the next day, Travel Visa Pro offers an “Emergency Service”, which enables them to provide you with your new passport within 8 hours.


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