Passport Photos in Washington DC

Living in the heart of the national’s capital, you would think it would be easy to snap your fingers and have any travel documents you needed at your doorstep within the door. After all, the US Department of State, foreign embassies, and passport agencies are all practically within walking distance in DC, so that should eliminate any stress, right?

Travel Visa Pro should be your one and only destination for your passport photo in Washington DC needs. Conveniently accessible by DC Metro, our offices are a place you can have passport photos taken, apply for a new passport book or card, and let our travel experts know which embassies they need to visit to get your visas in order.


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Tips for Passport Photos


Getting your picture taken is one matter, but finding a photo that’s acceptable for the US Department of State is a necessity if you don’t want to have your application returned and your travels delayed. Naturally, you should face the camera with both eyes open. Closed-mouth smiles are allowed, but hats and head coverings are not unless specifically noted they are for religious or medical reasons. Recently, the US Department of State stopped allowing glasses to be worn in passport photos.

TVP will take your picture for any current applications and give you any extra photos you may want. If you plan on applying for any visas or non-travel related applications, it’s important to remember any passport or visa paperwork generally requires pictures be taken within the last six months. Our travel experts will ensure sure your pictures are taken against a white background and sized correctly for applications: 2”x2”, facing forward.


Changing your appearance before your next trip?


If you show up for immigration looking exactly the same way for the next ten years, good for you: you’re one of the few. However, many travelers change their clothes, grow a beard, and maybe get a facial tattoo if they’re in the mood. What if your appearance changes that drastically? Is your passport still valid?

Anything with your hair isn’t grounds to apply for a new passport, even if you choose to color it fuchsia. However, any significant changes to your face outside of that, like massive or multiple piercings, any tattoos, or a large amount of weight loss/gain can be grounds for immigration rejecting your passport. In addition, no uniforms or camouflage clothing may be worn.


Passport Photos in Washington DC


Choosing to have your passport photos taken at Travel Visa Pro in Washington offices not only saves you a trip to the pharmacy, but ensures your photos will be looked over by experts who understand what types of pictures consular offices are sure to accept without delays. Just $20 will get you two photos good for any number of applications. Are you ready to come in and smile for the camera?



Where to get passport photos in Washington DC?

Need identical passport photos to get your passport journey started? Please stop by our office at 1802 Vernon Street NW, Washington, DC 20009, and have our agents put their best foot forward. Alternatively, you can use our concierge services, where you can take high-resolution pictures and upload them via our website.


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