Document Double Check

Do you know the most common delay for processing your visa or passport application? The answer is surprisingly simple: incomplete applications or information not included as per the instructions. Why subject yourself to unnecessary delays and headaches? After all, time is money, and if you are traveling, you’ve surely invested in your trip. Therefore, take advantage of our service – “Document Double Check”. Items you left out thinking they were unimportant may be necessary for your application and the embassy or passport office may consider this a critical error.

  • Just scan or snap photos of all your documents with your smartphone and email them to us at We will review your paperwork and make sure every last “i” is dotted and box is checked.
  • Request the affordable “Document Double Check” service when you check out for just $30 per application.
  • Typically, we can do this within three business hours; meaning, if we receive any documents after 2 PM on a weekday, you will have to wait until the morning of the next business day. We will email you any recommendations, if any, as to what needs to be corrected.
  • Please note that the $30 service fee for “Document Double Check” is in addition to any consular, shipping, or other service fees.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let the VIP treatment begin!

Order by Dialing our VIP Line: 833-887-8472