Special Brazil Visa Requirements for Minors in Houston

Houston consulate assists with visas for residents of the following states ONLY: Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Besides general documents (e.g. Passport, Photo, etc.) required for Brazil Visa, parents must provide the following additional paperwork for their children under 18:

  • Brazil Visa Application/Protocol receiptNOTARIZED* and SIGNED by BOTH PARENTS/GUARDIANS. Please download a sample of completed and notarized Brazil Visa Application. Minors DO NOT sign their visa application
  • Consent/Authorization for Issuance of Brazil Visa for a minor (download here)NOTARIZED* and SIGNED by BOTH PARENTS/GUARDIANS. Visa will not be issued without consent from both parents except following cases:
    • One of the parents is deceased. In this case the death certificate (NOTARIZED* or ORIGINAL must be provided; or
    • One of the parent’s is not listed on the birth certificate; or
    • Divorce Decree or Court Order granting not only full custody, but exclusive parental rights to one of the parents or legal guardians. The NOTARIZED* or ORIGINAL complete document must be presented.
  • Child’s Birth CertificateNOTARIZED* or ORIGINAL copy must be presented.
  • Special documents for children of Brazilian citizens: When one or both parents of a child are Brazilian citizen, Brazil visa will be granted for child only if she/he has not yet been issue a Brazilian birth certificate. Therefore, she/he is not eligible for a Brazilian passport. Only if this is the case, the Brazilian parent(s) can complete:
    • Declaration of Non-citizenship (download here). The NOTARIZED* or ORIGINAL complete document must be submitted. This declaration states that child has never been registered with any Brazil consulate or in Brazil and, therefore, does not have Brazilian citizenship.
    • Please note if you acquire Brazilian citizenship for your child later, you have to cancel valid Brazil visa.
  • Copies of Parents Driver’s Licenses.

*- NOTARIZED: Notary has to be done within Houston consular jurisdiction Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas and from the same state where child lives. For example, if a child resides in Oklahoma, notary has to be from Oklahoma, not from Texas or any other state.