Special Brazil Visa Requirements for Minors in Georgia

Atlanta Consulate of Brazil helps with visas for residents of the following states ONLY: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina. Besides regular documents (e.g. Passport, Application, Travel Itinerary, Photo, etc.) required for Brazil Visa, parents must provide the following additional paperwork for their children who are under 18 years of age:

  • Brazil Visa Application/Protocol receipt: SIGNED by BOTH PARENTS/GUARDIANS. Please download a sample of completed and notarized Brazil Visa Application. Minors DO NOT sign their own visa application.
  • Copies of Parents Driver’s Licenses.
  • A Certificate of Vaccination against Polio is required for children between ages of three months and six years. A signed letter from the child’s physician is required if the child cannot be inoculated.
  • Consent/Authorization for Issuance of Brazil Visa for a minor (download here) NOTARIZED* and SIGNED by BOTH PARENTS/GUARDIANS. Visa will not be issued without consent from both parents except following cases:
    • One of the parents is deceased. In this case the death certificate (NOTARIZED* or ORIGINAL must be provided; or
    • One of the parent’s is not listed on the birth certificate; or
    • Divorce Decree or Court Order granting not only full custody, but exclusive parental rights to one of the parents or legal guardians. The NOTARIZED* or ORIGINAL complete document must be presented.
  • Child’s Birth Certificate: Must be ORIGINAL or a NOTARIZED COPY.
  • Special documents for children of Brazilian citizens: When one or both parents of a child are a Brazilian citizen, a visa will be granted for the child only if she/he has not yet been issue a Brazilian birth certificate. Please call us for details in advance: (202)-684-7150.

*- NOTARIZED: Notary has to be done within Atlanta Consular jurisdiction (Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina), and from the same state where the child lives. For example, if a child resides in Alabama, notarization has to be done in Alabama.