China embassy degree attestation

To attest your degree for future use in China a color clear copy of degree is needed, black and white copies work as well as long as they clear. Originals are not required and you want to hold on to those to hand them on the wall.
There are 2 ways to legalize diploma for future use in China. All the consulates in USA are jurisdictional, so diplomas issued by school in their jurisdiction can be attested in China consulate over that jurisdiction. Example Wisconsin or Colorado state belongs to Chicago consulate jurisdiction, so visa and attestation documents can be attested in Chicago consulate. However to do so your degree copy has to be notarized in state of issue and attested by secretary of that state. So the trio has to done by same state -diploma issue state, notary in state and secretary of state have to be done by the same state. State notary and State SOS fees vary by each state, usually it can be from $3 to $40 per document. Fun fact only PA boast a expedited fee of $1000 online.

Once attested like this, your degree is ready to go to appropriate consulate with copy of your passport and special china document application. Regular processing fee for Civil purpose documents is $25. Expedited fee doubles in certain consulates that allow to expedite the document application.

Simplifying the complicated process of degree attestation

The other way to get degree attested is more common, since most applicants are out of the country already, do not live in the state where diploma was received any longer or do not want to be involved in the process all together. To do so, we at TVP just need clear copy of your degree. We will notarize it in wonderful state of DC, then attest it by SOS of DC and will take it to department of state for extra seal and last will be her majesty Embassy of Peoples republic of China in DC. In some cases this adds extra time, since if you attest via route #1 you skip Department of State attestation that normally adds 5 buss days to the process. But it other cases if you mailing your documents back and forth to SOS of the state and they can take sometimes a week or more to get it back to you, it all gets done the same time. Since we process documents in DC by walking them in, so there is no time wasted on mailing the paperwork. Also degrees that belong to DC embassy jurisdiction of states have to be done this route only, since embassy in DC accepts all documents from all USA places as long as they are attested by DOS. So to avoid any confusion in process they synchronized the requirements for all documents to be attested by DOS in DC embassy.

The fees for DC SOS is $15, DOS is $8, China embassy is $25 for Civil purpose document. There is not expedited options offered. So DOS and China embassy will take 5 buss days each to process. What required from customer? Degree copy, passport copy. We fill the application for you. Full service fee $199 per document including all misc fees and return shipping of the original document in continental USA.

Attest your degree