Do I have to provide a travel itinerary to expedite my new passport or passport renewal?

In order to expedite any passport applications, the US Department of State requires proof of travel within two weeks, or four weeks if you need a visa.

Proof of travel includes a flight itinerary, hotel reservation, cruise ticket, etc. You can also provide a letter from your employer if you need a passport expedited for work. If you are renewing your passport or are applying for a second passport, we can process your application without proof of travel.

If you have to have your application executed by an Acceptance Agent (i.e. New, Lost, or Child Passports), you MUST show proof of travel to the Agent or else they will not process your application per their regulations.

If you cannot provide proof of travel or book anything without a valid passport number, there is a letter of explanation found on our website that you can fill out to explain your current predicament and need for expedited processing.

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