Apostille for Belgium

The country that continues to stand as a pillar of Renaissance architecture is filled with people of different cultures. It is also home to the European Union headquarters as well as NATO.

Thus, Belgium holds an important place in Europe, strategically. This strategy invites different types of tourists into the country.

Traveling to Belgium is straightforward, for business or tourism purposes. You will need legally acknowledged documents to make life easier. Earlier, all records were required to be certified by a diplomatic mission to be accepted elsewhere.

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But, Belgium accepted the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. Belgium joined the convention as a signatory in 1973, and now you do not need diplomatic authentication or consular legal documents for Belgium.

That’s where Travel Visa Pro can help. Our experts analyze each document and ensure that it is notarized with certification so that you can use any of these documents without any trouble.

In addition to apostille services, there are translation services for all the essential legal documents to avoid any roadblocks in Belgium.

Note: We can assist you with documents issued inside the United States only. However, if your document origin is Belgium, you must contact the proper authorities to help you in Belgium.