Apostille for Georgia

Did you know that the official language in Georgia is Georgian? While English is common in the country, using English documents can impede smooth processes. Translating your documents into Georgian before leaving the United States is always advisable. But more important than translating your documents is getting them authenticated by getting an apostille for Georgia. We explain the importance of this certification and how to get one.

The Importance of Apostille for Your U.S. Documents in Georgia

Suppose you’re doing business with someone from a foreign country. You will want to review their business records and ensure the business exists. They provide you with financial records, articles of incorporation, and other integral business documents. You can see that the documents have been signed, stamped, and sealed. But the signatures and stamps and seals are from a foreign authority. So, you either have to trust that the documents are authentic or do away with the business deal. Wouldn’t that be a conundrum?

Countries realized long ago that there was a need to certify documents for foreign use. And at first, they relied on authentication and legalization procedures. After a while, it became evident that these procedures were not only too long, but they also had very many complexities. In 1961, several countries established the apostille during the Hague Convention. The apostille is a certification that can validate the following details:

  1. The person who signed the document,
  2. The authority of the person who signed the document,
  3. Where the document originated, and
  4. When and where you got the apostille.

The introduction of the apostille not only shortened the legalization procedures but also opened up countries to international trade. After all, the certification takes place at just one stage, unlike legalization, which has two stages. Moreover, an apostille is accepted in all countries that are party to The Hague Convention. And because Georgia and the United States are parties to this Treaty, getting an apostille for Georgia allows you to transact officially in Georgia.

Besides verifying the details on a document, an apostille for Georgia also helps in the following ways:

  • It can verify your identity in cases where you need to transact as an individual,
  • It is a legal requirement for official purposes such as enrolling in school and starting a business, and
  • It establishes trust between you and people from other countries by verifying the details on your document.

Getting an apostille for Georgia is the best move for anyone traveling to Georgia for official purposes. But what can you apostille?

  1. Documents issued by the state, such as birth certificates,
  2. Documents issued by the Federal Government, and
  3. Documents issued by institutions recognized in the United States.

Any document regarded as a public document in Georgia likely needs an apostille. Travel Visa Pro can guide you on what to apostille before leaving the United States.

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How to Get an Apostille for Your U.S. Documents for Georgia

As much as the apostille was introduced to address the challenges of legalization, it also features several steps as follows:

  1. Determine the right competent authority. The secretary of state and the US Department of State have the right to issue apostilles. The difference is the nature of the documents they handle. The Secretary of State can only handle documents issued by the state. Examples of such documents are marriage and birth certificates. However, you can only get an apostille from a state if your document was issued in that state. So, if your birth certificate is from Texas, you will get an apostille from Texas and cannot process it in California. The U.S. Department of State can apostille documents that are issued by the Federal Government. Examples of such documents are trademarks. You cannot apostille state-issued documents at the U.S. Department of State. Kindly consider the right authority in charge of your document apostille.
  2. Notarizing your documents. You must get a notarization for each document that needs an apostille for Georgia. A notary public should do the notarization. Please get a notarization to avoid the disqualification of your apostille request. Moreover, incorrect notarization is not acceptable.
  3. Certifying your documents: Only true certified copies are eligible for an apostille for Georgia. The certification can take place in two levels. The first option is before a notary public. The second option is before the Secretary of State, which applies to federal and Court documents.
  4. Translating your documents: Georgia uses Georgian as its official language. Translating your English documents to Georgian is in your best interest as this will simplify your official transactions. We offer translation services and can provide you with a true translation per the apostille requirements.
  5. Submitting your documents: You can submit your documents by mail or in-person to the competent authority.

The apostille for Georgia process usually takes about five weeks to complete. It can take longer when there is a backlog in the office or when you need to rectify mistakes.

Fast and Reliable Apostille Services for Travelers

What if we told you that you could get an apostille for Georgia in days? Well, this is not a pipe dream. It is the reality for all our apostille for Georgia clients. Travel Visa Pro excels in offering apostille services for Georgia across 50 states. Besides apostilles, we offer the following services:

  1. Notarization services,
  2. Certification services,
  3. Attestation services,
  4. Consultation services, and
  5. Translation services.

As a result, you can meet all your apostille needs under one roof. The entire process just takes three steps:

  1. You submit an order and let us know the document type, where you will use it, your address, your name, and how soon you need the apostille.
  2. We review your order and revert to you regarding the requirements your documents should meet and where you can send your documents.
  3. We process your apostille within the stipulated time and send the apostille to your address.

Our services are not only fast, but they are also convenient and error-free. So, we have your back if you need an apostille for Georgia.

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