Apostille for Mongolia

Are you heading to Mongolia for work, business, marriage, or other official reasons? There are two things you need to do before leaving the country to ensure you have a smooth trip. The first is to translate your documents from English into Mongolian, which is the official language in Mongolia. Doing this opens up opportunities and speeds up official transactions. The second task, which is integral to official business, is to authenticate your documents with an apostille Mongolia. We look at what this entails and why you must consider it:

The Importance of an Apostille for Mongolia Travel

Suppose you want to start a business in Mongolia and want to back it with your trademark. So, you show up with your business records and present them to the concerned authorities. Then they ask you how they can verify that the details on the documents are legitimate. After all, they have no way of knowing if the signatures, stamps, and seals on the papers are real or fraudulent. That is why you need an apostille Mongolia.

An apostille is a certification document used by countries party to the Hague Convention. It verifies the following details:

  • Where the document was issued,
  • Who signed the document,
  • The authority of the person who signed the document, and
  • When and where you got the apostille.

Having these details verifies the legitimacy of official documents, making them valid for legal use. So, do all countries use an apostille? Not at all. While the U.S. and Mongolia are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention, others are not. Those that do not follow this convention use authentication and legalization processes. They are the equivalent of an apostille Mongolia but they follow complex and lengthy procedures. Their complexity is the main reason apostilles exist today, as most countries wanted to ease transactions across their borders.

What needs an apostille Mongolia? You should apostille any document considered a public record in Mongolia to establish its legitimacy. Categories of such documents include:

The idea behind the apostille Mongolia is to validate a document for legal use. So, the rule of thumb is to apostille any document integral to an official transaction. Our team can help you decide what to apostille.

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How to Obtain an Apostille for Your U.S. Documents for Mongolia

The process of getting an apostille Mongolia follows the steps below:

  1. Determining the right authority: You can get an apostille from two authorities. The first is the Secretary of State or an office mandated to issue apostilles under the Secretary of State. This option applies to state-issued documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates. However, you can only get an apostille from the state that issued the certificate. For example, if your birth certificate is from Texas, you should get an apostille from the Texas Secretary of State. The second apostille authority is the U.S. Department of State. This office handles apostilles for federal documents such as trademarks and FBI background checks. But it cannot handle apostilles for state-issued documents.
  2. Meeting the apostille requirements: Each apostille authority sets out its minimum criteria. People getting their apostilles from the U.S. Department of State should present documents on agency letterheads. Moreover, the documents must have been executed by a U.S. federal agency. Those getting apostilles from the Secretary of State should ensure their documents have raised or stamped seals from the Department of Vital Records or the court. And if the documents were issued by an authority other than the Secretary of State or federal government, they should have the correct certification.
  3. Notarizing the documents: Any document due for an apostille Mongolia should have correct notarization done before a notary public. The exception is only for FBI background checks.
  4. Certifying the documents: The apostille authorities only accept documents that are true certified copies. You can get the certification done by a notary public. However, the following documents can only get certification from the Secretary of State:
  1. Translating the documents: The official language in Mongolia is Mongolian. In line with getting an apostille Mongolia, translating your documents from English will help further your transactions. You can get a true translation with our certified translation services.

You should submit the apostille Mongolia request to the right competent authority by mail or in person. The waiting period should be about four to five weeks.

Benefits of Using a Professional Apostille Service for Your Mongolian Travel

As you can see, getting an apostille Mongolia requires you to follow several steps. Moreover, the waiting time can drag on for weeks, even when the paperwork meets the apostille requirements. You can avoid these long waiting times and uncertainty using our professional apostille services. We offer the following perks:

  1. Professional apostille services: The apostille service features complexities that are best handled by experts. We have a team of professionals that are well-versed in matters of apostilles and who will ensure your application is successful.
  2. Nationwide coverage: We provide apostille services across 50 states and can serve your apostille needs no matter your location.
  3. Speed: The usual apostille processes take weeks or months to complete. But thanks to our continuing relationship with apostille authorities, we offer rush and standard processing options which take under a week to complete.

Furthermore, our premise lies in simplifying the apostille process for all our clients. How does it work?

  1. You submit an apostille request by filling in the apostille form, including your particulars, the document type, and where you want to use it.
  2. We review your request and let you know where you should send your documents.
  3. You receive an apostille Mongolia at the address listed during the application.

In just three steps, you will have your apostille!

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