Apostille for the Philippines

The Philippines is Southeast Asia’s natural wonder, comprising 7,000 islands dotting the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines is gifted with stretches of pristine white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters with its long coastline.

Travelers to the Philippines are mostly comprised on tourists, but it also includes people in business.

Regardless of your purpose of visit, you need to carry essential legal documents along with you. But documents issued and certified by the US Government or any other government other than The Philippines government will not be accepted.

Order Legalization Online

But thanks to the Hague Convention of 1961, you no longer need to have documents legalized by diplomat service but only require a notarized document that is apostilled and certifying signature of authenticity.

We specialize in providing you apostille for the Philippines services to ensure you have the proper documents when you travel to The Philippines that will be legally accepted. Allow our experts to provide you with legally obtained documents before you travel.

We also offer professional translation services for all documents you carry.

Note: We can assist you with documents issued inside the United States only. However, if your document origin is the Philippines, you must contact the proper authorities to help you in the Philippines.