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Traveling to the UK for work, business, school, or other official reasons is a great way to broaden your career and business growth. Most U.S. citizens expand their prospects to the UK as the region’s fast track has proven to be an economic haven. But even so, transacting, schooling, or working in the UK requires you to check some boxes. Not only must you have a valid passport and visa, but you must also apostille the official documents you will use. We walk you through the importance of an apostille UK, how to get one, and how soon you can have one:

Travel to United Kingdom with Confidence: How Apostille for US Documents Can Help

What is an apostille UK, and why would you need one? The term apostille is a French word for certification and is a product of the Hague Convention of 1961. According to this treaty, apostilles serve as proof of authentication of official documents for international use. Thus, when you get an apostille UK, you have certified the official document for international use.

The apostille UK shows the country of issue, the document signer, the authority of the document signer, and the details about the document seal. It also gives information on the date and place of issue, the issuing authority, the apostille number, and the stamp of the issuing authority.

Can you skip an apostille UK if your documents are in English? An apostille differs from a translation. It is a certification that is important in the following cases:

  • It asserts the seal and signature of officials on official documents, thus making it acceptable in countries that are party to the Hague Convention of 1961.
  • It verifies the signer, eliminating the risk of fraud. Recognizing a document as valid is easier when it has an apostille UK.
  • It makes the official document acceptable in international transactions. Schools, businesses, government institutions, and other establishments that rely on official documents will view the document as credible.
  • It may be a requirement in some cases. For example, most employers will only accept documents with an apostille UK to ensure the documents are valid and authenticated.

Most importantly, an apostille UK aligns with the 1961 Hague Convention in which the UK is a party.

How to Obtain an Apostille for U.S. Documents

You can get an apostille UK by applying through the Secretary of State (SOS) or any other authorities given the authority to do so by the SOS. For example, you can get an apostille UK from the Deputy SOS in Texas. Getting an apostille UK follows the steps below:

  • Notarization – The SOS does not accept documents without notarization or those with incorrect notarization.
  • Certification – You will either need to get the document certified. You can get this done by a notary republic or the SOS depending on the nature of the document.
  • Translation – If using documents issued abroad, you must translate them into English and attach the true translation issued by a certified translator.

Once you have met these requirements, you can apply through the SOS for an apostille UK.

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Streamline Your Apostille for U.S. Documents for Travel to the UK

The apostille process through the U.S. Department of State is often time-consuming as it involves a considerable backlog. Moreover, it is a complex process, often involving additional certification for some documents. Unfortunately, you must start the process again if you make a mistake when submitting the documents and fail to meet the apostille requirements. And, of course, this includes paying more processing fees.

Travel Visa Pro provides apostille services across all 50 states, ensuring that you meet all requirements and get an apostille UK before leaving the U.S. We ease the process by breaking it down into three steps:

1.     The Application Phase

The first step in getting an apostille is furnishing us with details about the document you want to apostille. And to ease the process, you can do it online via our website ordering system. It is intuitive and will guide you on what you should include, which generally comprises:

  • Your name,
  • Your address,
  • Where you want to use the apostille (the UK), and
  • Your preferred processing periods. We offer two processing periods (rush and standard) for each apostille UK. So, you can get your apostille in a few days if you must leave the U.S. soon.

You will complete this phase by submitting your request.

2.   The Review Phase

Once we get your order, our team will review the document you want to apostille in the following aspects:

  • State Requirements: We will gauge it per the state requirements and advise you on the next step if the document requires further certification.
  • Document Form: Different states have different document acceptance requirements. Thus, we will inform you whether we will need the original document or a certified copy.
  • Costs: We calculate the cost of the apostille UK based on the nature of the document, the need for additional certification, and the chosen timeline.

Our team will reach out regarding how to send your document and how you can pay for the apostille UK. And once you have fulfilled your requirements, we will start the apostille UK process.

3.   The Delivery Phase

We will process your document per your preferred timeline, which can either be standard or rushed. We can expedite apostille UK orders as needed thanks to our continuing relationship with the Secretary of State. Thus, if you need to leave the U.S. soon, you can always request us to prioritize your order.

Once the apostille UK is ready for dispatch, we will alert you via email. And you should get the document delivered to the address you provided when submitting an order.

See? The apostille UK process is as easy as three steps. Besides expediting apostilles, we provide consultation, document review, and translation services. So, if you have other official documents you will use in the UK, take advantage of our multiple services under one roof!

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