If you wish to get your child a passport, there are a few factors that you must consider. A same day children passport applies to children who have never held passports before, children who have lost their passports, children whose passports are not valid as well as children in possession of damaged passports. In all these cases, your child is eligible for a same day passport, and Travel Visa Pro is here to show you the ropes. We have an online presence, and you can reach us through our website, social media or by phone. Whichever method you use, you will have an eager expert at the other end, happy and willing to take on your questions.


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You will start off by filling in a DS 11 form. These forms are available online, and an expert will help you go through the questions to help you figure out what is right. All the filling in should take place online, and once you feel satisfied with the answers you have provided, you can move on to printing the document. Ensure that there is a barcode to the top left as lack of this will lead to non-acceptance at later stages.

It is also critical that you fill in and sign a letter of authorization. When doing so, ensure that the signature you use is similar to that you used in the DS 11 as consistency is essential in this process. By signing this letter, you will confer power to Travel Visa Pro to act on your behalf regarding submitting the documents, following through with the negotiations and collecting the passport.

You also require providing two passport photos when making the application, and they should comply with the given guidelines by the Department of State. As such, ensure that the images got taken in the last six months in a white or off-white setting. Also, they should measure two by two inches with at least a one-inch distance from the top of the child’s head to the bottom of their chin. Your child should not be wearing any glasses or headgear in the photos; else the images will be invalid. Be sure to include a note from a doctor stating the same if there is a valid reason as to why the child has to wear the glasses or headwear.

It is vital that you prove that the child in question is a citizen of the US and there are two ways in which you can achieve this. You can opt to use a birth certificate or a naturalization certificate. The birth certificate only works if the child was born in the United States and the document should be original. You can also use the naturalization certificate if the child was not born in the US and this record too should be original. Copies are not acceptable by the state department. All originals revert to you once the process comes to an end.

Other than proving the child’s citizenship, you also require proving your relationship to the child for the application to go through. If you are a parent to the child by birth, you will need to provide an original US birth certificate showing your name, a certified foreign birth certificate bearing your details or a consular report of birth abroad with your names listed on it. You can also provide certification of birth abroad with your details. If you adopted the child, you should present an adoption decree listing the adopting parents’ names. If you have guardianship over the child, you should have a court order showing the granting of custody. In all these instances, the documents provided should be original or certified for them to be valid.

You should also prove your identity by showing state-issued identification such as a driver’s license issued not more than six months ago. You can also use a previous US passport as long as you have not changed much in appearance since its issue. Also, you can use military or government ID as long as it is valid. Ensure that you also include copies of your ID and if you have undergone any legal name change, you should have documents on the same such as a marriage certificate.

You should also have information as to where you wish to travel such as a plane ticket to a foreign country or a travel itinerary. The travel plans in place should be urgent to enable you to get your passport within a short time.

Within a day, your child will be in possession of a passport, and you will be set to embark on your trip.