You should be boarding a plane in the next twenty-four hours, and everything is ready for your upcoming trip. Your spirits are up, and you are busying yourself as you make some last minute changes. However, things seem to go south the moment you put your jeans in the wash, forgetting that your passport was in it. By the time you recognize your mistake, and you take the passport out, it has gotten damaged, and all you can think of is “What Now?” Well, the answer to your question is Travel Visa Pro Services. Thanks to our same day replace damaged passport services, this little incidence or something similar to it will not hamper your journey. Contact us, and we will take you through a few simple steps that will pave the way for your new passport.



It is fundamental that you note that our same day passport services are only applicable to you if the passport in question is valid. If its validity has lapsed, you will need to undertake a new passport application process, something which we also do. Also, if your wish is to have your passport renewed owing to minor damage to it, you should fill in a DS 82 form instead.

When replacing a damaged passport, it is necessary that you complete the DS 11 form. If this form sounds familiar to you, it is because it is the same form you filled in when you applied for your first passport. It consists of two pages and comprises a space where you attach your passport photo. It also has a section where you sign as a way to authorize the application. Completing this form should be easy as you have used it before. However, if you face any hindrances along the way, you have many experts from our team who are accessible to you day and night to help you through. All you have to do is to ensure that the information that you provide is accurate. Otherwise, you could hinder your chances of getting a replacement. Our experts will point out any problems during the review process once you have submitted the form. As such, you need not worry about delays in processing.

You need to provide your legal name on the form. This name should be that which appears on your birth certificate. If for a reason such as marriage you have changed your name, you should have a legal name change document to accompany the DS 11 form. Acceptable records in this regard are marriage certificates and court decrees as long as they are original and certified. Any copies of the same are not valid.

Also in the form, you will list your social security number, your physical features such as your height, hair and eye color, the details of your parents such as their names, dates, and places of birth. You should also include your residential address and at least one contact phone number. The best number to list would be that with which people can quickly locate you such as your mobile phone contact. Additionally, you should register the name and physical address of someone close to you such that if an emergency were to come up, people would know who to contact. Furthermore, it is a requirement that you write down the number as well as the date of issue of the damaged passport.

Same day replace damaged U. S. passport service

With these details out of the way, an expert will then take you through the documents you require during application. The chief record in this regard is proof of US citizenship, and you can use your birth certificate which must be original or certified. You can also use an expired passport for this. However, if you can see that there is a significant difference in appearance regarding what you look like now, the expired passport is not valid, and you should seek other forms of evidence. You should also include a letter to the Department of State explaining how and when your passport got damaged. Sign this letter for validity. Additionally, you should add a copy of any state-issued ID such as your driver’s license. Ensure that the passport photo you submit meets all the state department guidelines regarding appearance.

Given that you wish to have your passport replaced within a day, you should have travel plans showing the need for urgency in the matter. You can present a travel itinerary, booking confirmations and a letter from your employer as proof in this regard.

Compile all these documents and hand them to us where experts will review the records and submit them in a timely fashion. You will be onboard your scheduled flight in no time.