Many instances lead to a name change, be it divorce, marriage or legally changing your name. When you undergo a name change, it is necessary that you modify your passport too as the TSA requires that the name on your ticket match that on your passport. What happens when you realize that you urgently need to travel and haven’t got the time to stand in the queue? Well, that is where we as Travel Visa Pro step in to ensure that you get your name change in as little as 24 hours.

You do not require much during this process, and we will guide you through the application to make sure that you get to catch your flight. Documents you need for the name change include passport application forms, a valid passport, original name change documentation, passport photos, and a letter of authorization and proof of departure. With these in hand, you will be set to get the process started.


The passport application form you use will depend on how long you have had your current passport. Suppose your passport is more than a year old, then you will qualify for a passport renewal. As such, fill out a DS 82 form which you can find online and be sure to provide accurate answers. Errors at this point can lead to a delay during the processing stage. Once you complete the filling in, go ahead and sign the form and it will then be valid for use.

Supposing you have only had your passport for less than a year, you will be eligible to use the DS 5504 for same day passport name change. This form also applies to anyone looking to correct their data and for limited passport book replacements. It is also available online, and one of our experts will show you the ropes when it comes to completing the form. Ensure that you sign it once printed to give it validity.

You need to present a valid passport when making the application. By legitimate, it means that your passport is in your possession, in good condition and has not expired. If your passport does not fall into these categories, then you will not qualify for a name change and will be subject to getting a new passport. When submitting your passport, be sure to set aside a copy of your passport biographical information page as this will come in handy in your record-keeping.

Accompanying your current passport should be documents which can certify the name change. Let’s take an example of a case where you changed your name upon marriage. In this case, your marriage certificate should suffice as proof as to your name change. Court decrees including those issued upon divorce are also acceptable as proof of name change. It is essential that the records you provide are original and official. They should also bear the official seal of the issuing authority. Any uncertified copies, as well as notarized documents,  are not acceptable, and if you provide such, you will encounter a delay in processing.

When taking a picture for the passport photos, it is necessary that you look into the best ways to do it. You can choose to do it at home if you have a high-quality camera or you can consult Google as to the best areas to get passport photos in your locality. Be sure to keep your face straight with a neutral expression as you face the camera. Ensure that the outfits you wear are what you would wear on a regular basis and that the setting is either plain white or off-white. The picture should also have dimensions of two by two inches. If you must have glasses upon taking the picture, be sure to include a signed doctor’s note stating the same.

Same Day U. S. Passport Name Change Service

When applying for a same day name change, you must show that there is urgency in the matter. Otherwise, the processing will not go through. You can prove your urgent travel plans by presenting a plane ticket to a foreign state. You can also provide a travel itinerary showing your course of travel overseas. People embarking on business trips can use signed letters from their employers as a show of urgency.

You should also provide a letter of authorization stating that you have delegated the name change processing to us. In this way, when we have received and reviewed your documents, we will be in a position to go ahead with the application. In under twenty-four hours, you will be in possession of a passport that bears your current legal name.