If you wish to travel within the next 24 hours and do not have a valid passport, it can be quite frustrating. To start with, passport application via the local post office may take you up to six months, a period which you cannot afford. What’s more, it requires that you show up in person and as such, you cannot follow through on other matters such as taking care of your travel plans. We, at Travel Visa Pro Services, aim at making this application process a breeze so that you can focus on other legalities. We can have your passport delivered in less than 24 hours. Before we get down to how we do this, let’s first tackle who is eligible to apply for this service. In this way, you can know whether you are using the right document.

If you have never held a passport before, you are eligible for a same day passport. In such an instance, you have no previous passports in possession and will be starting from the ground up. Worry not as we will have an agent to walk you through the entire process. In this way, your first time will be a cake walk.


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If you got your first passport when aged fifteen or below, then you fell into the category of minors at that time. Supposing you are now aged sixteen and above and you wish to renew your passport, this is not possible. Instead, you will apply for a new passport as an adult. An attractive thing about this is that you can now hold your passport for as many as ten years as opposed to the five before.

Where you received your passport more than fifteen years ago and are yet to renew it, you qualify for a new passport. As such, you cannot apply for a renewal, and you need to get things started again. Luckily, we are around to answer any of your questions in this regard to better aid you in the process.

When you lose your passport, and it is invalid, you do not apply for a renewal, but instead, you qualify for a new passport. When making the application, it is necessary that you state how you lost the passport. However, if your lost passport is still valid, then you should apply for a replacement instead.

When your passport gets damaged, it will not matter whether the passport is valid or expired. The only way out is to get a new passport. You can think of it as a plus though as it will be many more years before you have to renew it. Think of how many trips you will have taken during that time.

If you fall under any of the above categories, then you are in the right place, and we know how to get you out of your fix. Our services are available online, allowing you to make your requests at your convenience. Once you choose the same day new passport option, you will get an agent who will walk you through the journey.

An expert will let you know what you need for the passport processing and how you can get hold of the requirements. The foremost requirement is the DS 11 form which you must read through and fill in according to your needs.

Next, you will require a passport photo which has to be 2*2 inches. Be sure to note that you cannot get your photo from a vending machine. Additionally, the picture should adhere to the guidelines stipulated by the State Department. It should also have been taken in the last six months for it to be valid.

You should have proof of citizenship in the form of a birth certificate. If you have a previously issued passport that is undamaged, you can use it as proof. You should also have proof of identity in the form of a state issued ID or driver’s license.

Last but not least you should provide us with your travel itinerary. It can be in the form of a letter from the employer, a plane ticket to a foreign state or copy of travel itinerary.

The expert will then review the documents that you have sent before going forward with the application. They will then keep you informed as to whether the records are adequate. Once everything is in place, the expert will then go ahead with the application. We will then ensure that the passport gets to you within 24 hours through a secure delivery service.

And like that, you will have your new passport and will be set to travel.