Take an example of a situation where you need to travel within the next twenty-four hours, and your passport proves invalid owing to its expiry. There are many reasons which could lead to you needing to have your passport renewed and the process can be quite a hassle if you go through with it the conventional way. Fortunately, Travel Visa Pro is here to help and here are a few tips which you can use to test your eligibility:

First off, the passport in your possession should not be damaged. If it is, you cannot hand it in for renewal and you should thus apply for a new passport. Your passport should have been issued in the last fifteen years. Any longer than that and it will be termed invalid and you will have to apply for a new passport in its stead.

The age that you were when you got your last passport determines whether you qualify for a renewal or a new passport. Let’s suppose that the latest issue took place when you were aged sixteen and over. In this case, you were an adult, and thus, you can apply for a renewal. Supposing that you got your last issue when aged fifteen and below, you will need to get a new passport.

You qualify for a passport renewal if you have not changed your legal name during the time in which you have held your last passport. If you have changed your name, it is necessary that you have supporting documents on the same to qualify for a renewal.

It is also essential that you be in a position to present your most recent passport when making the application. It should also not be limited owing to breach of the State Department’s guidelines.

If you fit into any of the categories mentioned above, then you do need to renew your passport. At Travel Visa Pro Services, we can get this process out of the way in less than 24 hours to help you get started on your trip.



Here is how:

Once you access our site and choose the same day passport renewal option, an agent will take on the process and guide you as to what you need.

Form DS 82 applies to anyone applying for a same day passport renewal. You should accurately fill it in to ensure that no problems arise during the processing stage.  When presenting this form, you need to have the following documents:

It is essential that you have your most recent passport book/ card when sending in the DS 82. If you have lost, damaged or mutilated it, you cannot go ahead with the process. Also, it should have been issued in the last fifteen years when you were aged sixteen and above. This document will get returned to you at the end of the process.


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If you have changed your name since the date of issue of your last passport, it is necessary that you have documents showing the same. You can hand in a marriage certificate or a court order showing the name change. It is imperative that you note that the records should be originals as copies are not acceptable. Do not worry as the originals will be back in your possession upon the end of the application.

Ensure that the passport picture you submit has only you in it and that the background is off-white or plain. The state department calls for a photo taken in the last six months to ensure that it is an accurate likeness of you. The more recent the picture, the better for you. You should also pay close attention to its dimensions. A photo measuring two by two inches will be valid provided that you are wearing a neutral expression and that the picture is on matte/ glossy paper of high quality. Be sure not to wear devices such as headphones or eyewear when capturing the photo as this will deem it invalid.

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A sure way to get your passport processing expedited is to prove that you need to travel soon. As such, you need to have documents supporting the same. If you are going for business, an official letter from your employer stating the same will be adequate. Where you cannot get hold of this or need a renewal for other reasons, a plane ticket to a foreign nation or travel itinerary will be enough. Any document you submit on the same must be official and must prove your need to travel.

Once you have all these records at hand, the agent will then review them before completing the process. From here, you can rest assured that your passport will be at your doorstep within a day, courtesy of Travel Visa Pro.