Once your passport gets stolen or you lose it, the first thing you should do it to report the matter to authorities. Without this step, you cannot go ahead and get your passport replaced. It is especially important when you require to travel within a short period; let’s say twenty-four hours. Fortunately, as long as you have filed a missing passport status, we at Travel Visa Pro can get started on helping you embark on your upcoming trip.

Before applying for a same day passport, you must ensure that your current passport is valid. If it has expired, then you qualify for a new passport instead, and you should, therefore, apply for the same.



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You require filling in a DS 11 form for same day replace lost or stolen passport to begin this process. These forms are available online, and you should ensure that the information provided is accurate. If you come across any challenges during the process, do not hesitate to reach out to any of our experts who will be willing to guide you through each stage. Once you finish filling in the form, you can then print it out. It could be that you have already filled in such a form previously and it has been lying around as you tried to figure out the way forward. If this is the case, do not use the old document but instead, work on completing a new form as this will have validity owing to the completion dates.

You cannot get your lost or stolen passport replaced if you cannot prove that you are a US citizen. As such, you must have original certified documents as a show of your citizenship. You can either use your birth certificate, your previous US passport or a US naturalization certificate. In the matter of a birth certificate, the document should be original and certified. Additionally, it should have the names of your parents and should have gotten issued in the municipality in which you were born. You can also use your previous passport. It will not matter much whether the passport is valid or has expired. However, if your appearance seems to have undergone significant changes when compared to what you looked like when you got the passport, this document may not be adequate. As such, you may need to present secondary evidence of citizenship. Lastly, you can opt to use your US naturalization certificate as long as it is original and certified. All the documents you present to the state department as a show of citizenship will revert to you once the passport processing comes to an end.

You also need to provide passport photos alongside your documents, and you need to practice great caution when doing so. A picture that does not meet the stipulated requirements is enough to put a halt to the application. Luckily, our experts go through your photos upon submission to ensure that they are up to standard. When taking a picture, ensure that it is in color and has clarity such that those reviewing your application can easily see your face. Take it when facing the front and do not wear headwear or glasses when doing so. There are instances when people cannot take off their eyewear owing to medical conditions, and if this is the case, you should accompany your documents with a doctor’s note stating your eye conditions. It should also be two inches by two inches. You can take the picture from home if you wish. If you are uncertain of how to do so, it is always best to consult with reputable facilities for their services. Also, do not use photos that are older than six months. It is even better to use those taken within the last three months.

Same day replace lost or stolen U. S.passport

Your travel plans are necessary for proving your need to get your passport in a hurry. There are several ways you can present this information. You can either submit a flight itinerary or an email showing the confirmation of your flight. If none of these options are convenient for you, a business letter from your employer can work too. All that matters is evidence as to the cause of the urgency.

You will also need to complete and sign an authorization letter. With this in hand, we will be able to submit your application and interact with a passport agency on your behalf. It also allows us to pick up your passport and deliver it to you.

In this way, you get to have your stolen or lost passport replaced in a matter of hours. Contact us today, and our experts will handle the heavy lifting on your behalf.