The current regulations by the Department of State are such that one cannot possess more than one valid US passport. However, there are conditions under which you can hold more than one, where the state has made such allowances on your behalf. This situation is standard when it comes to people who travel a lot, mainly for business purposes. In such cases, you can get a second passport whose validity lasts four years. However, this issuance gets seen as an exception to the rule and thus only takes place where there are valid justifications.

Take an example where you travel on a frequent basis. You could come across situations where you would need your passport for both commuting as well as submitting it for visa applications at the same time. In such a case, having two passports would help you in accomplishing both tasks and would, therefore, save you time. As such, you would have a justifiable reason to have two passports.

There are some countries which you cannot enter if your passport shows markings of travel to particular countries. In such a case, having two passports would come in handy as you would use the acceptable one to gain entry into such states.

As long as you fall into the above categories, you can get a second passport, and we can have it on your doorstep within a day. Our process is quite simple, and all you require are a completed passport application, a valid passport, passport photos, a letter of authorization, a letter in which you request the second passport and proof of your departure.


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You will start off by completing the DS 82 form which is available online. Be sure to fill in all your details when online before embarking on the printing. Any applications written by hand are not acceptable at the Department of State, and thus your application will get deemed invalid if you do so. When applying, you will be subject to a series of questions which also include your social security number. Some people have not gotten an SSN issue and if you fall into this category; be sure to submit a signed statement on the same. Ensure that all information provided on the form is accurate before printing it out. When signing this form, ensure that the signature you use is similar to that which you will use on any other report which you submit. Supposing the sign on your DS 82 form differs from that on your letter of authorization, you will get asked to repeat the process and given that time is of the essence, it is better to prevent such occurrences. Our experts will look through all the documents you present to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

You will require providing your current passport which should be valid in that it should not have expired, should not be damaged, lost or stolen. When submitting this record, be sure to have a copy of the passport biographical information contained therein. This data is essential when it comes to your files.

Another item you will require during submission is a passport photo which should be an authentic likeness of you. As such, when taking the picture, be sure to do it in a white or off-white setting while wearing a neutral expression. Your clothing should be regular, and you cannot wear any headwear or eyewear unless you have a signed note from a doctor stating the need for the same. The photo should also be recent such that you took it in the last six months and it should be in color. The standard dimensions stand at two by two inches.

A letter of authorization gives us the power to act on your behalf regarding negotiations, submissions, and collections. Ensure that you sign this in the same way you signed the DS 82 for consistency. You should also have a letter where you request for a second passport. Address this letter to the US passport agency, clearly stipulating why you require a second passport. You are the sole person who can sign this letter and failure to do so will result in its invalidity.

Once all these documents are in place, you will then add proof of departure to the list. In this manner, you will be able to prove the need for urgency in the processing. You can use a plane ticket to a foreign nation, a travel itinerary with a breakdown of foreign places you will visit or a letter from your employer stating the need for travel.

You will then submit these records to an expert in our team who will perform the reviewing and submission processes. Within 24 hours, you will have two valid passports in your possession, courtesy of Travel Visa Pro.