Countries that participate in the Hague Convention use apostilles, which are essentially authentication certifications. These are presented to authenticate legal and official documents and serve as a supplement to notarization. That way, different countries can exchange public documents and understand their content even if they may not share a language. However, if you want to use an apostille in another country that does not share your language, you need to translate it.

When Do You Need Apostille Translation Services?

Anybody can need apostille translation services to and from the English language. Whether you are seeking employment in another country, applying for dual citizenship, or some other reason that requires you to provide certified documents in a foreign country, you will need apostille translation. For example, suppose you want to seek employment in a foreign country. You can get the apostille translated to that country’s language and even use it in other countries that share the same language.

When getting an apostille translation, we advise that you get two translations. One should be of the official apostilled document, while the other should be of the apostille. We provide translation services on a range of documents, including but not limited to birth certificates and diplomas.

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Please note that the apostilles are only valid if your home and host countries participate in the Hague Convention. Currently, 115 countries are party to the treaty. That leaves several countries out of it, so you should check this before getting an apostille. Also, note that some states will not require apostille translation if the document has adequate notarization. The states that require apostilles translated to English include:

  • Alabama,
  • Arkansas,
  • Delaware,
  • Georgia,
  • Hawaii,
  • North Carolina,
  • North Dakota,
  • Oklahoma, and
  • South Carolina

If you require using the apostilled document in a country that does not participate in the Hague Convention, you must authenticate and legalize it. The same goes for if the document was issued in a non-participating country and will be used in another non-participating country. Either way, you would still need to get the documents translated to match the language in the host country. We can do this too for your official and legal documents, covering different languages.

What Documents Require Apostille Translations?

Tons of legal documents require apostille translation services. They include birth certificates, patents, diplomas, and death certificates. We can translate this from English to Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages. We also provide translations from other languages to English to enable you to use the apostilles in other English-speaking countries.

Why Use Our Apostille Translation Services

Thanks to our able team of linguists and legal experts, we can assure you of:

A High Level of Accuracy

We cover to and from English apostille translation services, ensuring that you can use your document in any part of the world. Rather than relying on online generators which can change the meaning of the details in your document, you can task us with the translation. Our experienced linguists go through every sentence and ensure that its purpose reflects on the translated document. Moreover, they will not paraphrase facts or leave out any piece of the puzzle. So, whether you are using the document in court or for business dealings, you can be sure of its accuracy.

A Wide Scope

From legal to business translations, we cover a wide range of documents. You can trust us with patents, birth certificates, death certificates, etc., and we’ll be sure to deliver translations that meet your requirements.


We know that you might be running out of time as you put your documents together in anticipation of a business deal or legal undertaking. So, we provide you with two options. You can take the standard route and have your documents ready in as few as 6 days. But if you need your documents even faster than this, how about getting the rush processing which takes only 3 days? We always prioritize quality over quantity and ensure that we take our time reviewing each order and giving our clients the best possible translation services.

With quality assurance taking the lead, you can look forward to getting your apostille translated to the best standards in the industry. Are you ready to enjoy the perks of the Hague Convention? Let’s get started on your apostille translation today. For inquiries, please feel free to reach us.