Whenever you are traveling out of your country or sending your documents to another country, you must consider the aspect of translation. It arises if the receiving authority uses a language different from that on your documents. So, as much as the English language is often used in most countries, you may need to translate your documents to a foreign language. The same holds when using documents in a foreign language in an English-speaking country. In our case, we will focus on translations to and from the Arabic language.

When Do You Need English to Arabic Translations?

Translations will be necessary if:

  • You want to seek employment in a country that uses the Arabic language,
  • You wish to further your studies in an Arabic-speaking country,
  • You will engage in business in an Arabic-speaking country,
  • You require legal documents to follow up on matters in an Arabic-speaking nation,
  • You have personal matters to tend to in an Arabic-speaking nation, etc.

These are some of the reasons you may require translating your documents. Keep in mind that the same also holds if you possess Arabic documents and intend to use them in English-speaking countries. This way, the persons receiving the documents can understand their contents and process them as instructed on the papers.

Order Translation

Where will you require English to Arabic translations? Most regions whose official language is Arabic require you to provide translated documents. These include:

  • Qatar,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • The United Arab Emirates,
  • Algeria,
  • Kuwait, and
  • Bahrain.

Of course, you must check with the authorities if you need to translate your documents.

English to Arabic Translations

Most governing authorities in Arabic-speaking countries will request that you provide translated documents. Without these, you cannot access governmental services. Moreover, transacting with businesspeople without clear communication can pave the way for pitfalls down the road. You can think of the translations as the key to easing communication and helping you get what you want from the Arabic-speaking nation.

Arabic to English Translations

People holding documents with Arabic text require translating them to English if they wish to use them in English-speaking countries. They serve the same purpose as Arabic translations, but these are specifically geared for use in the U.S. and other countries that use English as an official language.

Why Hire Professional Arabic Translation Services?

Do you need to hire a professional translator for your English to Arabic translations or vice versa? The answer is yes. A machine translation might seem like the easy way out, but it cannot guarantee you:


You must ensure that the original meaning is clear in the translated copy whenever you translate a document. Not only must the context remain the same, but you cannot change the facts and figures. Keep in mind that when translating legal documents like patents, even a small change can affect the document’s meaning. Our professional translators, unlike software, read through the documents, understand what they entail and convey the same to the copies.


There are key differences between the English and Arabic languages. For example, did you know that the Arabic language features 28 letters in its alphabet? That’s but one of the differences encountered in translation. There’s also the fact that the Arabic script runs from right to left while English scripts start from left to right. Additionally, there is no difference between upper and lower cases in the Arabic language. A translator must be aware of all these differences to capture them in the final copy. Otherwise, it will not make much sense to the receiving party, delaying the intended purpose.

Other than this, the translation must also consider that the Arabic language features different dialects. So, what is standard in one country will not necessarily apply in another. All our linguists serve specific dialects and will ensure that the document can hold up for official use in the target country.

Get Your Documents Translated

We provide both English-to-Arabic and Arabic-to-English translation services. In both cases, we have two delivery options. The first one takes standard time to complete, and we should have your documents ready in 5-6 days. For clients in a hurry, we recommend rush processing that takes only 3 days. Feel free to shoot us a message if you would like more information about our translation services.