Did you know that birth certificates are some of the most used legal documents worldwide? These vital documents are a glimpse into your full name, parents’ details, place of birth, gender, and date of birth. While you may not know this, there is so much that you cannot do without this document.

Do You Need Birth Certificate Translation Services?

Translating birth certificates is necessary if you obtained the certificate in a country that uses one language and require to use it in a country that does not share the language. For example, if your birth certificate was issued in the USA and you need to use it in Spain, you need to translate it. The same also applies if you got it in Spain and need to use it in the USA. The premise is that if your issuing country and host countries do not share a language, you will need translation services.

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Where Can You Use Translated Birth Certificates?

Translated birth certificates are like any birth certificate, only that they meet the language requirements of the receiving party. Thus, you can use them for:

Establishing Family Relationships

Sometimes, you need to establish a family tree to access some services. These include:

  • Showing legal dependency: When listing your children in your medical plan or even pension scheme, you must show that they are legally dependent on you. What better way to establish this link than by presenting their birth certificates?
  • Receiving an inheritance: During court processes and rulings, the children of the deceased can argue that they should also be part of the succession by providing their birth certificates. These will establish a link with the deceased and can ensure that they get part of the inheritance.
  • Applying for insurance benefits: Suppose a parent has an insurance plan and wants their children to benefit. They can list them under the plan. But the only way the insurance company will allow this is if the parent can present a birth certificate for each of the listed minors. Also, if a parent passed away and had an insurance policy, the children can get the benefits if they present their birth certificates.

Proof of Citizenship

There are tons of places where you may need to prove that you are a citizen of a country by birth. Examples include when:

  • Getting a passport: The key document required when making a passport application is a birth certificate. It shows where you were born and assures the authorities that you are a citizen of the country.
  • Making a job application: Not all jobs require this, but those suited only for citizens will require that you present a birth certificate as proof. The same goes for when getting licenses that are only open to citizens of that country.

Proof of Age

Your age is integral to different processes, and your date of birth can help the authorities determine if you can access services like:

  • Voting: You cannot participate in voting until you are of age.
  • Getting a driver’s license: Before you can get behind the wheel, you must present your birth certificate to the authorities. Only then can they determine if you are fit to be on the road. Most states cap the age at 16 years, while others have it at 18 years.
  • Joining school: Did you know you need your birth certificate to enter your details when joining school?
  • Serving in the military: There is a minimum age to join the military (17 years) that you must meet before serving your country.

Why Should You Use Professional Translation Services?

When dealing with standard documents like blogs, you can always use online generator services to get translations. These are often inaccurate, but it does not matter because their use is not for legal or official reasons. However, when dealing with documents as sensitive as birth certificates, you cannot take such chances. Instead, you must delegate the tasks to professionals who ensure that:

  • The details in the original and translated documents are exact. The translation should not have different names or a different place of birth. Changing any of these facts erases part of your identification which can land you in legal woes. You want to ensure that what is on the translated document is accurate.
  • The differences in the languages are captured in the translation. Even within the same language, there are different dialects. For example, the Spanish language in one region will differ from that in another. An experienced linguist can pick up on these differences and ensure that the translated document shows as much. Online generation tools do not have such capacity and can miss out on essential cues. Even worse, the translated document may come off as offensive to those handling it due to different dialects.

That’s why we recommend that you leave this task to our expert linguists, who will scour through your birth certificate and ensure that the translation matches the original. So, whether you are using the birth certificate for school, work, immigration, or even business, it will be up for the task.

Why Choose Our Birth Certificate Translation Services?

We offer birth certificate translation services on a hoard of languages. From Arabic to Portuguese to Spanish to Italian, we will get your birth certificate translated to the language of your choice. What’s more, we assure you of:

  • Speedy delivery: We can have the birth certificate translated in as few as 6 days. For even more rush processing, we can have you set up in 3 days.
  • Accuracy: We hire only the best linguists in the industry who are well versed in the chosen languages. So, whatever language you prefer, you can be at peace knowing that the person handling the translation is knowledgeable and experienced. The keyword here is person because human beings and not machines do all our translations.

Are you ready to get a certified copy of your birth certificate? Apply now and get started on a speedy translation. For more information on our services, please reach out to us, and we’ll get back to you with the requested details.