Most people would rather stay away from death certificates or any talk of the deceased for fear of triggering adverse emotions. But unfortunately, these legal documents serve a crucial role in the goings-on of the people left behind. Without them, the deceased’s relatives and business partners face some challenges with their day-to-day lives. Thus, acquiring this document is not optional for most people. Additionally, if you wish to use it for legal purposes abroad, you must get it translated.

Why Are Death Certificate Translations Important?

You need to get death certificates translated when using them in a country that speaks a different language than yours. Otherwise, the receiving party will not understand what the documents convey, which will hamper any efforts on your part. To avoid such hassles, get your documents translated to match the language of the host country.

Reasons for Death Certificate Translations

Why would anyone require translating the deceased’s death certificate? This document paves the way to process:

Life Insurance

If the deceased has a life insurance policy, the beneficiaries cannot access the proceeds unless they provide the death certificate. Suppose the certificate was issued abroad, you will need to provide a translated version of the same to the insurance company. Else, claiming the benefits can be slow and further bring up painful emotions in the beneficiaries. Please note that you must provide a certified translated document for this purpose.

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Family Visa Applications

Suppose one of your children has passed away and you require a family visa, you must provide their death certificate. Please note that the secretary of state must receive a certified translated copy of the original document if it was not issued in the US. The same holds for other countries which do not speak the same language as yours.

Property Division

Settling the deceased’s estate is usually tasking on the family. Not only does it require emotional strength, but it also takes a lot of time, especially where there is pushback on the agreements. Loved ones cannot access the deceased’s bank accounts, real estate assets, and even stocks and bonds without a certified death certificate. In most cases, you will require more than a few copies to make some headway in the process.

Relocation Purposes

When moving to another country, you will need to state your current relationship status. If your partner has passed away, the host country requires that you provide a death certificate showing the same. You will need to have translated copies when moving to a country that does not speak the same language as your home country. Please ensure that the information matches the requirements in the host country’s native language.


Spouses get to receive benefits on behalf of their deceased partners. It helps them stay on their feet and not deal with too many changes at a go. However, this can only occur if they provide adequate evidence of the relationship, e.g., a marriage certificate and a copy of the death certificate. If your spouse was working or passed away abroad, you will require to get their death certificate translated for official use.


When getting married again in another country, you need to state if you have been married in the past. If yes, the government will require either a divorce or death certificate. Suppose your spouse passed on, you will need to provide originals and translated copies of the latter document. It is vital when getting married in another country, e.g., US citizens getting married in Mexico.

Claiming Medical Benefits

In some cases, the deceased’s children or spouse may be eligible to receive medical benefits previously owed to the deceased. Please confirm with the government who can receive the benefits. If you are eligible, you will need to provide a copy of the death certificate and adequate evidence of the relationship with the deceased. Of course, if accessing these benefits in a foreign country that uses a different language, translation will be inevitable.

Most of these situations are time-sensitive and require you to provide the translated document as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the more time passes, the harder it is to process some of these settlements and the harder it is to gain closure. At Travel Visa Pro, we offer both standard and rush processing options for all our certified death certificate translations to lessen the burden on your family.