When the time comes to further your studies or seek employment in another country, you may need diploma translation services. It applies to students from English-speaking countries who are going to non-English-speaking countries and vice versa. Here’s what you need to know about diploma translation services:

When Do You Need Diploma Translation Services?

Diplomas come in many forms. The most common types are high school diplomas and undergraduate diplomas. Whatever diploma you hold, you can rest assured that we can translate it to any of our listed languages without paraphrasing the hard figures and facts. So, when do you need to get your diploma translated?

For Employment

When seeking work or even reporting to work in another country, your employer may insist that you present your diploma. Some may even ask that you submit your high school diploma to affirm that you finished high school. Others may ask for your undergraduate diploma to check if you meet their required educational levels. If that’s the case, you can always submit your diploma on our application form, and we’ll get you sorted in no time.

For Job Promotions

Suppose you work in a foreign country and there’s an opportunity to level up and get a pay raise. Your diploma can help you put your best foot forward by proving to your employer that you have what it takes. Has such an opportunity presented itself? We would not want you to miss out on it. Talk to us about getting your diploma translated in record time.

Order Translation

For Visa Applications

When applying to move to another country for employment reasons, you may need to present your educational documents. If you are a diploma holder, you need to get this translated if the host country uses a different language than what’s on your diploma. We will have your back on this.

For Citizenship or Residency Applications

Are you hoping to move to another country? Most authorities are thorough with their background checks and even investigate your educational background. If that’s the case, you will need a certified diploma translation to argue your case.

For Further Studies

Are you applying to college or graduate school in a country that uses a foreign language?  There are two main reasons why one would need to translate their diploma for academic reasons. The first is when you are moving to study abroad, and the university wants to check your proficiency. The second is when you have completed your studies and want to use the certificate back home. Either way, we’ve got you!

What Do Our Translation Services Offer?

Are you ready to get your diploma translated? We will ensure that the translation is:


While many online generators offer translation services, they are not entirely accurate. Some can even change facts that should remain constant in all your documents. You do not want to present a copy with changed grades or school details that may appear fraudulent. However, when using some services, you do not have any control over the outcome. We do not use software to translate your documents. Instead, we have experienced experts in all the languages provided who look through your document and translate it word by word. They also factor in dialects and will not change any hard facts and figures. What’s even more, we offer our translations in two-way: to and from English. So, whether you are coming from a non-English-speaking country or going to one, we will have you covered.


We currently offer two diploma translation services options on our site. You can go with the standard option to get the translation done in as few as 6 days. If you are on a time crunch, you can choose rush processing to get your documents in 3 days. It gives you enough time to submit your diploma and cater to any other travel needs that may be underway.

We believe that a language difference should not be a barrier to experiencing what else is out there. So, our experienced linguists will ensure that your translated diploma can hold up for official use, enabling you to expand your horizons. We cannot wait to be part of this new journey as you embark on another milestone in life. For more information about our translation services, please do not hold back on contacting us.