German is one of the most used languages globally, ranking 11th out of the hundreds of languages. Its ranking in the European Union trumps French, English, and even Spanish. Did you know that? It might surprise you even more that this language is not only used in Germany. Instead, it is also used as an official language in:

  • Belgium,
  • Austria,
  • Switzerland,
  • Liechtenstein, and
  • Luxembourg.

German Translation Services

Are you traveling to Germany? Then you might need German document translation services if your documents are in English. The same holds for anyone who wants to use official German documents in the U.S. or any English-speaking country. Below are the documents that require professional translation:

  • Immigration documents: When entering a country, the authorities will want to know who you are. They will also want to ensure that you understand what entering the country entails. How do they do this? By poring through your documents which must be translated into the official language. These include birth certificates.
  • Certificates: Any official records used across borders between countries with different languages require translation. These include birth, death, and marriage certificates. Suppose you are processing benefits in Germany on behalf of a deceased person. You would require translating the English-issued death certificate to prove the death. The same holds for when you use documents issued in Germany for official uses in the U.S.
  • Patents: Dealing with intellectual property requires a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the law. It gets even more complicated when using such documents across borders between countries that do not share a language. You need a legal translator to ensure that the documents meet the requirements in both the home and host countries.
  • Transcripts: Are you hoping to further your education? The receiving institution must receive translated copies of your educational qualifications to decide on your admission. The translation must reflect the information on the original documents. It cannot feature better grades or more accomplishments.

These are but a few of the documents whose translations we handle. We provide both English-to-German and German-to-English translations. So, you will have your bases covered whether you are using the documents in German-speaking countries or English-speaking countries.

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Professional German Translation Services

Did you know? Some German words are unheard of in English. Take the example of fremdschämen. Have you ever heard of it? An automated translator would be at a loss of what to put in place of such a word. But a professional linguist who understands English and German languages would know what to do. Below are some of the reasons why relying on professional German translation services for official documents is important:

The Gender Aspect

German features three genders when referring to nouns. So, you can either have a masculine, neuter, or feminine word. A translator must understand the differences in these genders in line with Romance languages.

The Time Aspect

When counting time in German, the text will refer to the coming hour. If you see text like half four, this is not 4:30; rather, it is 3:30. Understanding such minor details ensures that the translated document does not alter the facts in the original document.

The Noun Aspect

When writing in English, you only capitalize proper nouns. These are names of cities, people, countries, events, etc. But in German, every noun gets capitalized. A translator must capture this difference when changing text from one language to the other.

Moreover, the German language is not standard globally. What applies in Bavaria is not what you will find in Hamburg. A professional translator must understand the differences in the dialects to convey the right meaning. Can you see how tricky this language is? Luckily, we offer fast German document translation services to help you get accurate translations.

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While the English and German languages share up to 60% of their vocabulary, translating them requires professional linguistic experience. That’s why we hire only the best linguists in the industry who can skillfully translate these languages with 100% accuracy. What’s more, we deliver the translated documents in record time. For standard translations, we can have the documents ready in as few as 6 days. If you want rush processing, you can get the documents completed within 3 days.

Are you interested in getting your documents translated? Drop us a message, and let’s work together on your next project!