Have you ever considered the importance of your marriage certificate? Without it, there’s no way to prove that you got married to your spouse. But a marriage certificate does more than prove that a wedding took place. It also serves a range of business, financial, and legal applications. Thus, when traveling to another country or using it in transactions in a foreign land, you will need to get it translated.

Why Should You Get Your Marriage Certificate Translated?

A marriage certificate is an integral document that should always be kept safe. It’s advisable to have at least two copies of this document at a time. It’s so important that keeping one in the bank can help you sort some business or legal woes that may come on suddenly. But why would translating it be important?

For Name Changes

Suppose you want to take on your spouse’s name, or they want to take yours. In this case, you must prove that you are legally married, which you can only do by presenting the marriage certificate. If you’re doing this with a certificate that does not bear the language of your host country, you cannot avoid a marriage certificate translation. Please note that you will also require photo ID and an original birth certificate when changing your name. We also provide translation services for birth certificates if necessary.

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For Benefits Reasons

Insurance companies and pension schemes have seen all kinds of scammers walk through their doors. So, if you try to include someone as a beneficiary in your plan, you must prove your relationship with them. For spouses, the only proof is the marriage certificate. Without this, you cannot include them in your plan. We can get your marriage certificate translated into the insurance or pension scheme’s language to get you started on the new plan.

For Tax Reasons

Did you know that joint filing taxes comes with a hoard of financial benefits? It takes some accounting to discover the many loopholes you can exploit with your spouse. But then again, you must prove you are married. Suppose you and your spouse got married outside the United States in a non-English-speaking country. Your original marriage certificate will be in another language, and presenting this to the IRS will not work. You will need to get the document translated.

For Loan Applications

How can you prove that the co-signor on a loan or mortgage is your spouse? By presenting a marriage certificate as proof that the wedding went down. It gives you a much better chance of accessing a higher loan limit and fairer repayment terms. But the loan issuer must understand what’s on the marriage certificate, which is why you need to get it translated.

For Immigration Purposes

When moving to another country, you will require a marriage certificate to prove your relationship with your spouse. If the country uses a language different from what’s in the certificate, you cannot forgo a translation.

For Identification

There are many circumstances where you will need to prove you are who you say you are. Below are some examples:

  • When you want to change your passport name to reflect your spouse’s name,
  • When you have changed your name and want to open a new bank account with your spouse’s name,
  • When you want to gift your spouse tax-free,
  • When you want to arrange child custody changes and include your spouse,
  • When you want to make a will and have your spouse as a beneficiary.

Our Marriage Certificate Translation Services

For any of the reasons stated above, you will require a certified marriage certificate translation. We provide such services, ensuring that the translated version matches the original document word by word. No meaning gets lost in the translation, and the authorities receiving the certified translation will understand what it conveys.

So, why choose our marriage certificate translation services?

  • Accuracy: We ensure that the translated documents are not only grammatically correct but also culturally appropriate. All our linguists are experts in their specific languages and can pick up on dialects, reflecting the same in the completed translations.
  • Speed: We will have your translations done in 6 days. If you want an even faster turnaround, we will get the documents to you in as few as 3 days.

Our marriage certificate translation services are two-way: we do to and from English translations. So, whether you need foreign language to English or English to foreign language translations, feel free to contact us!