Businesses are continually expanding, and it’s crucial to secure your key resources and ensure nobody else can use them. One of these is your patent. While it might be applicable in your country, patents are only enforceable in the country of issue. That means that a competing business can use the same idea in another country. If that happens, you get locked out of the other country and lose that source of revenue. That’s why translating your patent is the only way to secure another market and grow your business. We will explain why patent translation is so important and why you should trust us with it:

Is Patent Translation Important?

Patent translation is like any other document translation but with a very crucial twist- it involves intellectual property and technical legal language. So, you are not dealing with standard paperwork but documents that feature legal correspondence, technical specifications, and office actions. A lot of work goes into securing a patent, and all this must feature in the translation. These documents also have a specific style of writing which further makes the translation even more intricate. Thus, the translator must not only understand the wording but also mimic the same in the translation. Of course, an online generator cannot handle a task of this magnitude. It requires high language pairing competence, legal understanding, and technical terms know-how. Only then can the translation be accurate enough to hold up for official use.

The importance of patent translation services lies in the difference in patent systems. What applies in your country will not necessarily apply in the other country. You must thus ensure that you meet the requirements in the other country. But of course, you will not always need translation services. If your patent is in English, you can use it as it is in English-speaking countries. But if it’s not in English and you need to use it in English-speaking countries like the U.S., the importance of translation services will arise.

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Why Should You Choose Professional Patent Translation Services?

Getting your patent professionally translated ensures you can avoid common pitfalls with standard online translation tools that include:

  • Higher costs,
  • Delays in implementing your project,
  • Someone hijacking your idea,
  • Inaccurate patent details,
  • An influx in competition,
  • Legal loopholes,
  • Losing a market, and
  • The loss of your exclusive rights.

Do you want to save money when translating your patent? Here’s an idea. You can deal with regions as blocs. So, you can get a translation in one language, e.g., English, and use it in all English-speaking countries. Then you can get the document translated to another language and use it in all countries that use that language. That way, you cover a more extensive scope and enjoy protection in more countries.

Luckily, we offer to and from English patent translations and cover a multitude of languages. So, whether you are using the patent in an English or non-English-speaking country, you can count on our support. Moreover, you can get your paperwork ready in less than a week!

Our Patent Translation Process

We know that two factors are crucial to the patent translation process: confidentiality and accuracy. As a bonus, we also include speed to ensure that you can get started in your business dealings almost straight away. So, how do we do it?

Patent applications are only dealt with by the people in charge of translating the document to the requested language. These expert linguists do not even touch the document until they have signed NDAs, which contractually forbid them from sharing the information with others. The next stage lies in examining the document and translating the key facts without changing their meaning. The linguists can differentiate between dialects and will ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. They will also analyze the document and ensure that everything in the original document checks out in the translated patent.

But we do not stop at that and instead also involve legal analysis in our patent translations. A legal expert (also under an NDA) well versed in intellectual property law will also look through the document. We would not want to hand over a document that has loopholes that competitors could exploit. Once the legal and linguist teams are happy with the document, you can then get it delivered.

We value security and privacy in all our patent translations and ensure that your document will only pass through the authorized experts from submission to delivery. Are you ready to take your patent to the global level? Let’s help you with that. Contact us today, and let’s talk about getting your innovation to a bigger market.