Getting Your Documents Translated To And From Spanish

Did you know that Spanish is the most used European language? Not only is it common in Europe, but it is also widely used in other parts of the world. It even ranks as the second unofficial language in the United States. So, whether your documents are in English or Spanish, having them in both languages might be what you need to sort out your personal and business needs. However, translating legal documents is not as easy as using the Google translator option. While this can work for conversations and unofficial purposes, it does not come close to covering the nuances of this beautiful language.

Do You Need Spanish Translation Services?

When using educational, business, or even personal licenses and certificates in a Spanish-speaking country, you must provide their certified translated copies. This fact also holds for people from Spanish-speaking countries who wish to use their documents in the US or other English-speaking countries. To ensure that the translated documents can hold up for business and legal uses, you must get them translated by professional translators. Else, they will not convey the intended meaning and can even cause damage that could lead to malpractices. Moreover, unclear communication can lead to delays in processes which can be costly and disadvantageous to you and other parties involved in the processes.

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What Documents Can You Translate?

Legal documents require professional translation. They include but are not limited to:

  • Educational documents, e.g., transcripts
  • Letters of introduction
  • Personal documents, e.g., marriage certificates, adoption records, etc
  • Business documents, e.g., contracts
  • Identity documents, e.g., driver’s licenses
  • Legal documents, e.g., petitions, wills, etc.

Translation Services Offered at Travel Visa Pro

We offer two-way translations as shown below:

English To Spanish Translations

It’s easy to get Spanish translations. However, you should note that there are different dialects of the Spanish language. So, your documents must feature a translation that can convey meaning to the chosen regional variation. For example, the Spanish you come across in South America is not what you will see in Europe. While they have similarities, they also have key differences that could affect the document’s outcome. So, when choosing a translation service, you must ensure that the translation can cover specific dialects. Find out what translation you need, Castilian, Andalusian, etc., and make sure you get this in the documents.

Spanish to English Translations

While translating Spanish documents to English may seem easy, it also follows English to Spanish translations rules. You must cover the differences in the dialects. For example, translating Spanish in Gibraltar is different from what you would find in the Caribbean. Thus, some translators may encounter difficulties in capturing the intricacies of the language. The result? – Meaning would be lost in the process. Our Spanish translation services cover all dialects from all regions and ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Why You Need Professional Spanish Translation Services

Not sure if you should get your documents handled by professionals? Here are some thoughts:

A Human Touch

Machine learning has come a long way but is yet to master the art of the human voice. As a result, the translations can be inaccurate and cannot capture the complex differences in both languages. Our experts are around to answer any questions you may have about the translations. They also go through each document and ensure that no stone remains unturned.


Our translation services rely on the effort of experts who are articulate in both English and Spanish languages. These professionals know how to skim, scan, and understand even the most technical aspects of the documents. Moreover, they can relay the same information in a different language without losing the facts.


We remain committed to offering the best quality in the market and meeting our deadlines. All our efforts ensure that someone starts working on your document the minute you place the order. Never will you come back and find that the work was not per the requirements or within the required timeline. Our reviews show the same.

Our translation services fully embrace the Spanish language differences in both culture and region. We emphasize this when translating documents from English to Spanish and when translating Spanish documents to English versions. The last thing you want is a wrong Spanish translation that conveys the wrong or offensive message in official communication.

Moreover, we provide fast turnarounds and have your documents back to you within 5-6 days. You can also choose rush processing to get your documents in as few as 3 to 4 business days. Contact us today for more information.