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Those looking to join their family currently staying in China will be delighted that Travel Visa Pro can help in securing a China Q2 Visa. If you spouse is a permanent resident in China or one of your family members is a Chinese citizen then you can visit on a Chinese Q2 Visa for up to 180 days. Travel Visa Pro is the easiest way to apply for a Family Short Stay Visa for China and provide expert advice on how to visit your family in the country. All visa applications can be complicated and often a little confusing so the expertise offered by Travel Visa Pro is very welcome. Travel Visa Pro provides a simple and hassle-free service that handles every stage of your application so no issues will arise with your visa.

China Family Short Stay Visa

China Visa is priced from $199 and a standard application has a processing time of five to seven business days for US citizens. However, this timeframe will not suit everyone so there are other expedited services available where you can receive a visa more quickly, whether you require a visa in 2-3 days or the next day. These services are priced from $299 and $349 respectively. Applicants will need to complete an application form, as well as include your passport, passport photo and all documents detailing information on your spouse or family members currently in China.

Expedited China Family Short Stay Visa Services

Travel Visa Pro provide expert advice for anyone looking to apply for a Chinese Visa Q2, whether you head into one of the offices or you can receive an online consultation which will answer all of your questions. The VIP Concierge and form-filling services offered by Travel Visa Pro ensure that your applications are free of errors or any issues which may result in a delay in receiving your visa. Travel Visa Pro can provide a Chinese Q2 Visa as quickly as you need so you can visit your family in China as soon as possible.

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