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Georgia Visa

You need a valid passport to enter Georgia. U.S. citizens may enter and stay in Georgia without a visa for up to 365 days. Visit the Embassy of Georgia’s website for most current visa information.

U.S. citizens who overstay the permitted 365-day period are subject to a fine.
For a Georgian residency permit, contact the Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.
If transiting Georgia, law enforcement and border officials may inquire about the purpose of your travel, funds, insurance, reservations, return tickets, and invitations, before granting you entry.
Foreign documents intended for official use in Georgia must be authenticated under apostille, including documents used to apply for Georgian residency permits.
The U.S. Embassy cannot, under any circumstances, authenticate a document issued in the United States, including birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, educational records, driver’s licenses, or other documents, regardless of whether the documents have already been notarized in the United States. See our sections on Judicial Assistance and Notarial and/or Authentication Service for more information on apostilles.