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Moldova Visa

Visit the Embassy of Moldova website for the most current visa information.

U.S. citizens may stay in Moldova for up to 90 days within a six-month period without a visa.
Residence permits are required for stays over 90 days and may be obtained at the Bureau for Migration and Asylum office at 124 Boulevard Stefan cel Mare in Chisinau.
You must register your visit with the government of Moldova. Visitors arriving via the airport or by land from Ukraine or Romania are automatically registered upon arrival.
If you are entering Moldova through the separatist region of Transnistria you must register your visit within three days of arrival at one of the following offices:

Any local passport office or Public Services Agency located throughout Moldova.
Bureau for Migration and Asylum located at 124 Boulevard Stefan cel Mare, Chisinau or any district office of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum.
Foreigners’ registration offices at Sănătăuca, Rezina, Criuleni, Hîrbovăț, Hagimus, Pîrîta border crossings.
You must present a valid passport and proof of travel (e.g. car insurance, if driving a vehicle into Moldova; plane, bus or train ticket).

Failure to register may result in fines and difficulties when leaving Moldova.

If planning to stay in Transnistria, you should also register with the passport division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city or town in which you are staying within the first 24 hours of arrival.