Student visa to RUSSIA

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Russia is a hugely popular tourist destination and a fantastic choice for your studies, however if the struggles of procuring a visa are driving you insane, then have no fear we are here to help you obtain your Russian Student Visa in no time at all.

Russian Student Visa

Studying abroad in Russia will be the opportunity of a lifetime for you, but like all countries there are certain steps that have to be followed in order for you to meet the Russian Visa requirements.
First off, you will require your original passport; no copies and it must have at least one blank page for your Visa. You will also require two passport photos that have been signed on the back of the photo, in addition you will require a fully completed visa application form that has no mistakes or corrections in it.
Then because you’re a student you will also need other documentation such as your official letter of invitation from your university, as well a fee statement that proves you have confirmed your place by paying for all or part of the course in advance. You will also be required to have proof of certificates, exam results or qualifications obtained prior to being accepted into this new course in Russia. And finally, if your stay will be for more than 3 months at any one time then you may be required to go for medical checks as well.

Expedited Russia Student Visa Services

In order to speed up your Russian Student Visa processing time you can apply online, this is especially crucial as not all Russian consulates accept applications for visas that are sent through via post. In order to speed up the process phone one of our friendly consultants or visit any of your local agencies across the United States to receive a guiding hand with your Russian Student Visa application.

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