Work visa to SAUDI ARABIA

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Saudi Arabia or rather the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become an economic powerhouse that you will evidently soon be joining, judging by your keen interest in procuring a Saudi Arabian Work Visa, therefore let’s not waste any time and dive into the Saudi Arabia Work Visa requirements straight away.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa

Saudi Arabia has become a particularly in demand center for employment opportunity over the years and it seems it will continue to do so, hence it is no surprise they have a couple extra requirements when it comes to their Saudi Arabia Visa requirements, nevertheless this can be accomplished.
First of all your visa application form needs to be fully completed and signed, then you need to supply a set of three recently taken passport photographs that meet the sizing requirements. In addition, you will need to supply a photocopy of the personal particulars page within your passport as well as your original passport. When it comes to your passport ensure that your passport will remain unexpired for a minimum of six months from the day that you leave your home country.

Expedited Saudi Arabia Work Visa Services

Furthermore, you will need to include a signed copy of the employment contract and the most recent educational certification you have received. Moreover, you will have to undergo a medical exam that certifies you are in good health and you will also need to obtain a police clearance document from your local police station. Finally, please be aware that the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia may at their own discretion choose to ask you to submit additional documentation or require you to go for further medical certificates if they believe it is necessary.
As you can clearly see a Saudi Arabian Work Visa can be quite a daunting task without the right people behind you helping you along the way, that’s where we come in to review your documents aid with processing time and help you avoid any possible errors.

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