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South Sudan

Requirements for Entry:

Passport with two blank pages, valid for six months after date of entry
Visa obtained before arrival
World Health Organization (WHO) card with yellow fever vaccination
If traveling while assigned to the United Nations, you must obtain pre-authorization from the Government of South Sudan prior to your arrival. Contact the United Nations for additional information.
Visit the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan website for current visa information.

If you are staying longer than three days, register with the Department of Immigration and Aliens Control at the Ministry of Interior in Juba.

Do not work without a work permit or your passport could be temporarily confiscated. A work permit and/or long term visa may be obtained at any Republic of South Sudan Immigration office.

Requirements for Exit:

Proof of Yellow Fever vaccination. Countries with direct flights from South Sudan (including Kenya and Ethiopia) typically require yellow fever immunization for passengers arriving from South Sudan.
South Sudanese passport must be presented if you are a dual U.S -South Sudanese citizen. South Sudanese authorities have delayed or detained dual U.S.-South Sudanese nationals attempting to use their U.S. passport to depart South Sudan.
Sudanese visa or entry permit obtained in advance when traveling from South Sudan to Sudan.