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Swaziland Visa

A passport is required. Visas are not required for travelers staying less than 30 days. Travelers visiting Eswatini generally enter through South Africa.

Please note: Travelers to/through South Africa should have at least two unstamped visa pages in their passports upon each entry into the country. Visitors who do not have two blank visa pages risk being denied entry and returned to the United States at their own expense. Also, South Africa has recently passed new legislation requiring additional documentation for children traveling to or transiting the country. If arriving to South Africa from a yellow fever country, you must have proof of a yellow fever vaccination. See South Africa’s Country Specific Information for details.

Contact the Embassy of the Kingdom of Eswatini at 1712 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009; phone (202) 234-5002, for the most current visa information