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Uruguay Visa

You do not need a visa for a visit of less than 90 days if you are traveling on a tourist passport. You must have a valid visa if you are traveling on a diplomatic or official passport. Visit the Embassy of Uruguay website for the most current visa information.

There is an airport tax “boarding fee” for departure. This fee is part of the airfare for international travel – contact your travel agency or airline to confirm. This fee is not included in airfare if you are transiting Uruguay for another country. You may pay the fee, $44.00, at the airport with an international credit card or in U.S. dollars.

Travel with Minors: There are strict exit requirements for children under the age of 18 who remain in Uruguay for more than 365 days, regardless of citizenship or nationality. When a child remains in Uruguay for more than 365 days, and is traveling with only one parent, traveling alone or traveling with someone other than the parents, the minor child is required to have a Permiso de Menor (permission for a minor) issued by the Uruguayan National Immigration Directorate prior to departing Uruguay. If the minor child does not have a Permiso de Menor, the minor child will be prohibited from leaving Uruguay.

Instructions on obtaining a Permiso de Menor can be found on the Government of Uruguay’s website (Spanish only). The U.S. Embassy strongly advises all parents of minor children to be in possession of U.S. documentation needed to apply for a Permiso de Menor prior to initiating their travel to Uruguay. Please note that all U.S. documents used to apply for a Permiso de Menor must be apostilled by the U.S. state in which the document was issued to be considered valid by Uruguayan authorities. The process to apostille a document varies from state to state. Failing to apostille the necessary documents prior to entering Uruguay will delay the process of obtaining a Permiso de Menor. The Uruguayan government also requires documents to be translated into Spanish by a certified, Uruguayan translator (traductor público).

Contact the Uruguayan National Immigration Directorate in Uruguay or the Embassy of Uruguay in the United States with questions about required documentation.

The Permiso de Menor requirement does not apply to children assigned to Uruguay on official U.S. government orders who are traveling on diplomatic or official passports.