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Get visa to ZIMBABWE

You need a passport, visa, return ticket, and adequate funds to cover your intended stay in order to enter Zimbabwe. If you are traveling to Zimbabwe for tourism, business, or transit, you may obtain a visa at the airports or other border ports-of-entry. There is currently no option of getting a Zimbabwean tourist visa in advance through the Zimbabwean Embassy in Washington. You can expect to pay 30 USD for a 30-day/single-entry visa or 60 USD for a 60-day/multiple entry visa. Extensions are possible, and require visiting the Zimbabwe Immigration Office’s public window. Travelers who intend to engage in any non-tourism related activity require a visa in advance of entry. Immigration officials often detain tourists who indicate that they are journalists or professional videographers or photographers. Contact the Department of Immigration Zimbabwe for further details and information on other types of visas and entry permits.

Zimbabwe has implemented measures to stem the flow of U.S. dollars from the country due to their cash liquidity crisis. You should:

bring cash sufficient for the duration of your trip;
depart the country with no more than $1,000, unless declared/documented upon entry;
prepay expenses such as hotels, flights and tours by credit or debit card;
contact the Zimbabwean authorities in advance to review the new currency; measures and confirm that the relevant policies have not changed.
(See www.zimra.co.zw and www.rbz.co.zw for contact information.)

If you are traveling to or through South Africa, be aware that they require at least two blank visa pages in your passport for each entry otherwise your entry may be denied. Additionally, South Africa requires that minors traveling with only one parent or with individuals other than a parent have signed and notarized permission from the parent/s and original birth certificates. See the Country Specific Information for South Africa for details.