How to fill out your Passport Renewal form

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri May 15 2020

Congratulations on holding on to your U.S. passport for a decade. Is it full of all the visas and stamps you wanted?

Now that it’s time to renew your passport book or card, you may have a few concerns. Just like renewing a state-issued ID, passport renewal applications only need to be completed once every ten years. Nevertheless, making sure your book or card is still valid before a holiday or business trip is always a good idea.

Should you need to renew your passport, how do you fill out the forms?


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How much time do you have?


You’ve checked the expiration date or noticed that all the pages in your passport book are completely full, so what’s the next step?

Check how much time you have before your next international trip. The number of weeks, days, or even hours you have affect which way you’ll want to renew your passport.

For example, having a passport renewal application processed in person might be faster, but there’s no guarantee you live close to a regional passport agency or can schedule an appointment. Sending in a renewal application by mail may slightly reduce the cost, but waiting on a package that doesn’t arrive in time can disrupt travel plans. In some cases, expedited processing of your passport renewal may be the best option.


Filling out your Passport Renewal Form


Form DS-82 from the Department of State is the correct document for passport renewals. To use it, your current passport must be completely undamaged and issued in the last 15 years.

Children’s passports, valid for five years, cannot be renewed with DS-82. If the holder has “aged out” of a child’s passport — i.e. turned 16 years old — then he or she would need to present their application in person at a regional passport agency using form DS-11.

Form DS-82 is fairly straightforward. It contains six pages on the Department of State website, four of which are instructions. These do not need to be presented with the application; only the other two must be mailed in.

Fill in the form with information like your name and address. If you’ve recently gotten married or divorced, or changed your name for whatever reason, your passport renewal application must be accompanied by the appropriate legal documents. Should you have any immediate travel plans, it’s a good idea to print out the details and send them in with your application.


Filling out other required forms


In some cases, your passport renewal application form must be accompanied by proof you owe no child support or back taxes with the IRS. Should these records reach the federal government before your application, your passport renewal may be delayed or outright rejected.

Aside from that, applicants must include a check or money order for $110 made out to the Department of State, a passport-sized photo, and their expired US passport.


How to send in your Passport Renewal form


Offices with the U.S. Postal Service accept passport renewal applications, and you always have the option of mailing the forms by yourself from home. The address can vary depending on your home state, and whether you are requesting expedited service. Applications can even be accepted from Canada, provided they are mailed to the appropriate office in Philadelphia.

Travel Visa Pro can expedite any passport renewal application both by mail and in person at one of our U.S. offices. If you’re unwilling to wait for your application, or just need assurances your passport will be ready before you travel, come to TVP first.


After your Passport Renewal is completed


Once you have your new — well, renewed —  passport book in hand, don’t remember to take care of a little housekeeping prior to travel. You’ll need to sign your name on the information page and write your address in pencil. Don’t forget to check any existing reservations to make sure your new passport expiration date and number match.

As you’re getting an existing passport renewed, you may still have some valid visa stamps in the expired document. The U.S. Department of State cannot move these valid visas into your renewed document, but embassies and consulates for the respective countries usually can. However, if you’re planning to travel and need your passport renewed, it’s best to wait until you have your new document to apply for visas.


Do you have any questions about how to fill out your passport renewal form?