How to Get a Passport in Pennsylvania?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Fri Apr 6 2018

Pennsylvania is a very large state with major cities being found on either side of it. There are a lot of people who live in Pennsylvania with plans on traveling internationally. You can find a couple international airports in the state. One thing you won’t find so common are passport offices. Official passport offices are located regionally around the US. Luckily, one of these offices in located right in Pennsylvania. Wondering how to get a passport? You can get it  in Pennsylvania by visiting this office or for an even easier way, take advantage of a passport agency such as Travel Visa Pro.


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Where to Get a Passport in PA?

You can find an official passport office in Philadelphia, PA. This is the only passport office located in Pennsylvania. People located in and around Philadelphia have the option of visiting this office in person. Not everybody has easy access to this office. For international travelers located on the opposite side of the state, it will take a day trip to visit the actual office. Since this can be inconvenient for most people, this office can also accept your mail in passport application.

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Travel Visa Pro is also another great option to get your passport in PA. There are several major Travel Visa Pro offices around the US. You’ll also find a Travel Visa Pro office in Philadelphia. This office is full service and is often a better choice to go instead of using the main passport agency, even if you’re already in Philadelphia.

How Does Travel Visa Pro Work to Get a Passport in PA?

Travel Visa Pro is a one-stop shop for your travel needs. Usually, different services will require different respective offices. With Travel Visa Pro, you’ll only need this one office and we’ll take care of the other logistics to save you time and money. This is the best option for getting a passport in PA.

Our major Travel Visa Pro office is located in Philadelphia. This office is fully staffed and provides a lot of services on the spot. Getting your passport will require other materials than just the application to submit. You’ll also need to send in headshot photos. These photos can be taken right in the Philadelphia office.

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One thing to keep in mind is that once your passport application is submitted to Travel Visa Pro, it will still have to be delivered to the actual passport office to be processed. The benefit to using the Travel Visa Pro office as opposed to the official passport office is if you require other travel services to be done. With us, you can get your passport, visa, and other travel services such as document authentication done at the same time. We are also very knowledgeable able the passport process. This can be helpful to avoid any delays in getting your passport or even rejections.

What Do I Need to Get a Passport in PA?

Whether you’re getting a new passport for the first time or just have to get it renewed, it’s essentially the same process to get it. For a new passport, you’ll have to not only fill out a passport application, but also submit two headshot photos, a copy of your license, and a proof of residence.

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Passports have certain specifications for determining if it is still valid or will have to be renewed. The main points to remember are having more than two months before the expiration date, having enough blank pages for future visa stamps, and the overall condition of the passport must be good and presentable. Passports typically last for up to ten years but if it does not pass any of these requirements at any time, you’ll have to get it renewed. You’ll have to submit the same materials as applying for a new passport but also include your old passport along with your submission.

Since the official passport office as well as the Travel Visa Pro office are both located in Philadelphia, this is where you’ll have to go to get a passport in PA. For those located on the other side of the state, it may be easier to submit your passport application to one of the other Travel Visa Pro offices that service other regions. The time that it takes to get a passport in PA varies. Walk-in applicants get higher priority since they have to present proof of immediate need for a passport. With Travel Visa Pro, we can also expedite your passport which can have it in your hands within eight hours of applying for it.

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