Got My Passport Back, Now What?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Wed Mar 21 2012

Okay, after a long arduous wait, I finally got notification from Travel Visa Pro’s online system that my passport/visa request had been completed. I anxiously tracked the package, even took a half day from work, and voila, it finally arrived. I am not sure what I expected to happen as I feverishly opened the package but, I was thinking streamers, colorful paper, or something spectacular to jump out of the box. Sadly, it was just an envelope and my passport. So I thought to myself, what should I do now? I was not sure, so I phoned Travel Visa Pro, and one of their helpful representatives instructed me on the steps one should always follow, once the passport is back in their possession.


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  1. Check the name on the passport, to make sure that is indeed you, and there are not any spelling mistakes.
  2. SIGN your passport in blue or black ink. The agent on the phone could not stress this enough. He politely informed me that an unsigned passport could cause tremendous headaches such as a visa being denied, not being able to board a flight, or having your entry refused. I thought to myself, this is really important!
  3. Make sure the picture is you! Mistakes can happen and that picture may not be you. This is more common with visas then the actual passport, but nevertheless it could happen.
  4. Double check that any and all court/official documents you submitted have been returned.
  5. When looking at your visa, make sure that again the name is spelled correctly.
  6. The entry and exit dates match your exact travel plans.
  7. For some countries, make sure that the place you are allowed to enter is listed on the visa.
  8. That you have at least 6 months validity on your passport before you travel. There is not a more unpleasant experience then having to be denied a flight because your passport will expire will abroad.
  9. Make sure there are blank visa pages other then the amendment pages. Technically, visa stamps are not allowed to be stamped on the amendment page.
  10. Lastly, make a copy of your passport and any respective visa, in case you were to lose your passport while travelling abroad.
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