Can I Travel to Canada with an Expired Passport?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Tue Dec 13 2022

Passport expiry dates tend to creep up on their owners. One minute, you have a valid passport; the next, you have an expired one. The situation can be dire if you have an upcoming trip and can have you asking, “can I travel to Canada with an expired passport?”


Can I Travel to Canada with an Expired Passport?

Passports have limited validity periods. For example, the full-validity adult passport lasts 10 years before it is due for renewal. When this period lapses, the passport expires and thus becomes invalid. Such a passport is not acceptable for domestic or international travel, nor can you use it in legal transactions. Doing so constitutes an offense that can result in fines, penalties, or worse.

However, you do not need to use a passport to travel to Canada as the need for a passport depends on how you approach the borders as follows:

  1. By Air: S. citizens traveling by air must hold valid U.S. passport books regardless of age. In this case, you would need to renew your passport before your departure. Luckily, Travel Visa Pro offers this service at an expedited rate, and you can get a new passport in days.
  2. By Road: You do not need a valid passport book to enter Canada and can use any other WHTI-compliant document, including trusted traveler cards or passport cards.
  3. By Sea:S. travelers on closed-loop cruises do not need passports, while those on standard cruises must have valid passports.

Thus, if your question is: can I travel to Canada with an expired passport?, the answer depends on your travel mode. Even so, having a valid passport book is always advisable for emergency evacuations. Travel Visa Pro can get you a new passport within days of application.


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