Can You Have Facial Hair in Passport Photo?

Published by Travel Visa Pro on Sun Apr 16 2023

The U.S. passport photo requirements are so strict that your photo can make or break your application. One of the key concerns revolves around attire, as some clothes can invalidate your photo. But besides dressing, you should also consider your appearance as it affects your eligibility for a passport. So, can you have facial hair in passport photo?


Can You Have Facial Hair in Passport Photo?

The U.S. passport photo requirements dictate that you should not have any non-permanent markings on your face. Moreover, your picture should be a true likeness of yourself, making it easy for others to identify you. So, does having a beard or a mustache affect your appearance? Can you have facial hair in passport photo? Must you shave it when applying for a passport photo? According to U.S. passport photo requirements, facial hair should not be an issue. After all, it does not alter your appearance and will thus not make it hard for people to identify you. So, you can pose for a passport photo if you have facial hair, be it a mustache, goatee, or beard.


Should You Change Your Passport if You Shave Your Facial Hair?

Per the U.S. passport photo requirements, you should change your passport if you undergo considerable physical changes. These include plastic surgery, significant weight changes, and scarring from accidents. Does shaving off your beard amount to such changes? Not at all. According to the passport photo stipulations, having or shaving a beard does not affect people’s ability to identify you. So, even if you have facial hair in passport photo and shave it off after the photo, it should not be an issue. However, if you have often rocked facial hair and want to go bare, you can consider renewing your passport.


Hair Requirements for a Good Passport Photo

Having a beard in passport photo is acceptable. However, there are some hair criteria you should follow to avoid having your photo revoked. What are they?

  1. Your hair should show: While it is common to wear hats or other gear that covers the hair on your head, this is not acceptable in passport photos.
  2. Your hair should be free of visible accessories: Wearing pins and headbands may work in keeping your hair off your face. But these accessories should not be visible in the picture.
  3. Your hair should not cover your face: Besides your beard, mustache, goatee, or other facial hair, the hair on your head should not bar the visibility of your face. You should hold it back.

Also, your hair should not hamper background visibility. You may need to use pins to keep it in place. So, while you can get a passport photo with beard, keep these hair conditions in mind.


Expedited Passport Photo Services

If you have been asking, “Can I have a beard in my passport photo?’, you now have the answer. What’s more, you can get a passport picture from the comfort of your home using TVP’s expedited passport photo services. How does it work?

  1. You take a picture with your phone, which complies with the U.S. passport photo requirements,
  2. You send the picture to us via our website, and our agents review its eligibility for use in a passport application.
  3. Our agents process your passport photo and send it to the address you provide so you can use it for passport processing. We can use the photo to start the process if you would like expedited passport processing.

See? Having facial hair in passport photo will not hamper your access to a passport.

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